How to Fix Perfectly Error Code Anteater in Destiny 2?

You may confront some issues while playing Destiny 2. Error code anteater is one of them that happens due to a faulty connection between the host and the server.

According to the game developer, several reasons are responsible for the Error Code Anteater, including ISP network issue, Hardware issue, and many more.

Now you might be thinking about how to solve this error code. Well, fixing the error code in Destiny 2 is not a difficult job at all. In this context, we have assembled some of the procedures that can help you to resolve it.

Follow the guidelines that we have illuminated and fix the Destiny error code without anyone’s help. Hopefully, the methods we have given won’t disappoint you to solve the problem.

What is Error Code Anteater?

According to Bungie, an American Video Game Developer & also the developer of Destiny 2, the error code usually appears due to interruptions between client & host because of circumstances outside of the Bungie network. Consequently, the ISP of users or equipment is to be wretched here. So, you can face the problem due to a wi-fi glitch or broken equipment that leads to network failure.

How to Fix Perfectly Error Code Anteater in Destiny 2

Prominent Reasons for the Error Code Anteater on Destiny 2

There are several reasons that exist behind the Error Code Anteater on Destiny 2. We have discussed some of the prominent reasons here.

1. Firewall Installed

Installing Firewall on your computer is one of the main reasons that prevent the Destiny 2 Game from being able to get a proper connection with its servers due to the wrong flag against it. For that reason, we recommend not enabling a firewall while playing the game.

2. UPnP

Most of the games now use the UPnP option to avoid some definite security measures that are taken by routers to enhance the security and this can lead to the Destiny 2 Anteater Error if it is disabled.

3. Using a Wired Connection

If you want to get rid of the Destiny 2 Anteater Error Code, we prefer using a wired connection as it is trusted to interfere with other electronic devices, such as a Wi-Fi connection.

Apart from that, you can experience the error code issue due to the Router’s Faulty or Corrupted Cache as well.

How to Fix Perfectly Error Code Anteater in Destiny 2?

As we mentioned above, we have gathered some strategies to fix this error code. In this section, we will describe these procedures broadly. Read out this article conscientiously and grab one of the methods that will be convenient for you to apply.

1. Clear Cache on Your Console

Clear cache Solves the Error Code Anteater and resolves the other issue that you would be confronting. However, this method is only applicable to Xbox users. So Playing on the computer or PlayStation can ignore this process. Follow the below directions to clear the cache on Xbox.

Step 1: First, go to the Xbox setting option and then select “Network Setting.

Clear Cache on Your Console

Step 2: Now select the “Advanced Setting” option.

Clear Cache on Your Console

Step 3: Now press on the “Alternate Mac Address” and then choose the “Clear” option.

Clear Cache on Your Console

Now reboot your PC and then launch the application and see whether the issue still exists or not.

2.  Use a Wired Internet Connection

Using a Wired [Ethernet] Internet Connection can resolve this problem. To use a Wired internet connection, all you need to do is a Wi-Fi router. Here we’ll illuminate how you can use Wired connection.

Step 1: First, switch on your Wi-Fi Router. You will see a couple of ports back to the router.

Use a Wired Internet Connection

Step 2: Now plug an ethernet cable into your laptop port.

Use a Wired Internet Connection

Step 3: Connect the other end to the router’s ethernet port.

Use a Wired Internet Connection

3. Contact Internet Service Provider

As we mentioned earlier, you can face the Error Code Anteater in Destiny 2 due to the problem of ISP(Internet Service Provider). So you get the error code message on your screen, it is better to contact your internet service provider and ask them to find out what’s wrong and check the internet speed. If there is no internet connection problem, then you need to contemplate the other reasons.

4. Stop Using Wi-Fi Connection

There is a chance to get the error code if you use wi-fi or hotspot while playing Destiny 2. That is why we recommend you to use a Wired (Ethernet) internet connection. Most users confront this error code due to the interruption in connection, and wi-fi users face it most. So if you are serious about playing the game, use a Wired connection rather than Wi-FI.

5. Change Faulty Equipment and Cables

If you haven’t changed your equipment and cables in years, then it is necessary to change your internet’s old and faulty equipment and cables. Changing this faulty equipment can Resolve the Error Code in Destiny 2. Most users have leaking cables that are causing the Destiny error code.


Facing Error Code Anteater while playing the game is irritating. But, the good thing is, it can be resolved by applying some effective solutions.

In the above, we have pointed out 5 effective ways. Hopefully, you can fix the error code with the help of those processes.

However, if you confront any troubles while applying those methods, let us know by dropping your comments below.

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