How Many Microsoft Word Pages Equal a Book Page – Explained

It is elementary to know How Many Microsoft Word Pages Equal a Book Page for business purposes or others. For book designs and printing, page calculation is crucial for both book designers and writers.

Proper word count is as essential as content. But the true fact is,  most people even don’t know the equality between word pages and a book page.

By executing some easy method, you can calculate How Many Pages in Word Equal to a Page in a Book. Here we have gathered some of the prominent strategies to calculate this equation. So, let’s look and know the unknown fact.

How Many Microsoft Word Pages Equal a Book Page?

Before knowing how many word pages are equal to a book page, you must know how many words hold in a word page. To get the number of words on a word page,  go to the page’s bottom-left and press on the “Word” option. As you already know the word count of a word page, now follow the below instructions.

How Many Microsoft Word Pages Equal A Book Page

1. Choose Your Book Trim Size

You have to select your book trim size to measure the number of words that are perfect for a book page. We can divide all the books in the world into two parts.

  1. Fiction
  2. Non-Fiction

Generally, for Fiction, select 5.5-inch width and 8.5-inch height. In contrast, for Non-Fiction, set 6-inch width and 9-inch height.

We are oftentimes asked what the larger book’s trim size is? Well, the size of the large book follows the same measurement with small format words. You can use 6″x 9″ for larger books with a comparatively small font.

Choose Your Book Trim Size Choose Your Book Trim Size

2. Calculate Page Numbers

With an accurate word count, you can estimate page numbers. By following the below criteria, you can easily calculate the page number.

5″ × 8″ Book Page Calculation

  • If your front size is 10(Pt), divide your word count by 400
  • If your front size is 11(Pt), divide your word count by 350
  • If your front size is 12(Pt), divide your word count by 300

5.5″ × 8.5″ Book Page Calculation

  • If 10(Pt) Point font size, divide your word count by 475
  • If 11(Pt) Point font size, divide your word count by 425
  • If 12(Pt) point font size, divide your word count by 350

Calculate the Page Count for a 6″ × 9″ Book

  • 10(pt) font- divide your word count by 600
  • 11(pt) font -divide your word count by 550
  • 15(pt)font -divide your word count by 425

3. Number of Pages Calculations in Front and Back

Some pages won’t be added to the word count. See the Index below that will not be included.

  • Half Title
  • Title
  • Table of Content
  • Acknowledgment
  • Introduction
  • Appendix
  • References
  • Index
  • Foreword
  • Preface

Number of pages calculations in front and back

4. Page Count Calculation for The Image

You may add images to your book; thus, you need to know many pages your images will require. Below, we have illustrated some strategies to compute page calculation for images.

  • First, you need to estimate your photos and then divide them into rough sizes, including half page, full page, quarter page.
  • Now count the number of pages formed on these statistics. For instance
  • 5 full-page pictures = 5 pages
  • 20 half pages picture =10 pages
  • 32 quarter pages images= 8 pages

Page Count Calculation for the Image

By following the processes as illustrated below, you can estimate your book page without confronting any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have conferred answers to some of the questions that many people oftentimes ask us. You can check them out to get details on it.

How Many Pages Are 40000 Words in A Book?

Generally, a single-spaced 40000 word in a book will require 100 to 127 pages depending on single spaced and double spaced respectively. Other things that you have to contemplate are font size, margins, images added, title.

How Many Book Pages Are 10000 Words?

25-31 pages may be required for 10 thousand words, both single & double spaced but with 12(pt) Times New Roman font style. This actually relies on font style, font size, and margin.

How Many Pages Are 20000 Words in A Book?

Approximately 50 pages are required for 20000 words with a single space. But if you type with double space then 82 pages will be needed to place Word Document to Book Pages.

How Many Pages Are 50000 Words?

A 50000 word is about 125 pages with 12(pt) font sizes and single-spaced and one margin. On the contrary, it will grab approximately 250 pages if you use double space to keep the font size same.

How Many Pages Are 80 000 Words in A Book?

According to some writer recommendations, 80000-90000 words are appropriate for literary, thriller, or romance that requires 333 pages with double spaced. Using single space and small font size will take fewer pages.

Note: How many pages are needed for individual word ranges completely depends on the text format, text size, writing style, margins, and space. The page’s estimates that are mentioned above can vary depending on those facts.  To decrease the pages of Microsoft word, you can Make 2 Pages in 1 Page of Words that will minimize your publishing cost.

Final Thought

Microsoft word pages are not equal to book pages that’s why those who intend to publish books can’t measure actually how typed pages will be equal to a book page.

On account of this, it becomes hard for them to calculate how much cost it will take for publishing book publishing. Keep that in our thinking,  we have shown How Many Microsoft Word Pages Equal a Book Page in the above with proper calculation.

By executing the 4 processes discussed above, you can easily find out how many word pages are actually equal to a book page. For publishing a book or for business purposes, you have to take knowledge about this subject.

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