How To Center Text In Paint [Step by Step]

How to center text in paint? is very famous and easy to use a graphics program. For Windows 7 and 8, Paint has a basic text placement tool included; this tool allows you to edit the text you have just placed. When you close the text box, it flattens out and is already part of the image.

Paint is a program that does not support layers. Some photo editors that are more modern and advanced have the options of making images in different layers. Therefore, when you want to edit or move an existing text, you must delete it and retype it. Below you can learn a little more about this topic and how to center or move the text in Paint.

How to Center Text in Paint Perfectly

If you want to center the text in, you must follow these steps:

How To Center Text In Paint [Step by Step] 1

Step 1: You must open the file in Paint

open the file in Paint

Step 2: You must choose the place where you want your text to be

Step 3: Then, you must select the text tool that is in the toolbox on the left side and is represented by the letter A

text tool that is in the toolbox

Step 4: You must place the course where you want your text to begin

Step 5: Then,  select the font size and style

Step 6: Start writing the text you want and after that, you can see how the text will look when you finish writing it.

Step 7: You will then need to click outside the text, and it will be fixed on the image. If you find that space, location, and size are not correct, you should discard them and start over. You should start selecting undo from the edit menu and then start the steps again.

fixed on the image

Step 8: If you want to change the color of the text in Paint, you must use the settings in the menu bar where you can edit the font, size, and color.

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How to Edit the Text in Paint?

Remember that when you close the text box, you will not reopen it for editing. In Paint, you must delete unwanted text and replace it. If you want to remove an error, press “Ctrl” and “Z” so that you can remove the wrong text box.

If you want to undo a text on a colored background, you should select the eyedropper icon called “Color Picker.” Then you can click the right button on the background color before you start. You must click select to choose the select tool.

Paint does not have a cloning tool that can help you repair images after deleting text. This means that if you want to undo a text in an image, it will be blank where. You will need to erase everything and start from scratch. On the other hand, does have the function of editing text in this case.

There is also Paint 3D if you want to know how to center text in paint? You must follow the steps below:

Step 1: You must open Paint 3D on your computer.

Step 2: Click the new button so you can create a new project. You can also open a project that you have already created.

Step 3: Click on Text in the menu, you must choose whether you want 2D or 3D text.

Step 4: You need to drag the text box.

Step 5: Must choose the text you want.

Step 6: Use the menu on the right side to customize your text (change font, size, color, and more).

Step 7: You have the option of being able to change the size of the text box by simply dragging one of the squares to one side of the box.

Step 8: If you want to rotate the text, you can use the button in the center of the text box (it has an arrow inside a circle).

Step 9: How to move text in paint? You must click and drag the text to any of the highlighted lines in your text box.

Some keyboard shortcuts for Paint

These keyboard shortcuts will make your paint app more user-friendly.

  • Ctrl + N To create a new image
  • Ctrl + O Open an image that already exists
  • Ctrl + Z Undo a change
  • F1 Open Paint help
  • F12 Save the image as a new file
  • Ctrl + B Selected text in bold
  • Ctrl + I Italicize the selected text
  • Ctrl ++ Increase the brush field
  • Ctrl + – Decrease the brush width

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about this topic of editing text in Paint, you can read the following frequently asked questions:

When the text box is closed, can it be edited again?

No, when you close the text box, you won’t reopen it for editing.

Is it easy to edit a text in Paint?

When you want to edit an existing text in Paint, you must delete it and retype it.

Is there a tool in Paint that can bring text to center?

The paint net centering tool does not exist as such. You must select where you want to place your text.

Can I make the text bold and italic in Paint?

Yes, in Paint, you can select bold and italic to customize your text.

Can I use color in the background of the text?

Yes, you can use the image you have as a background or choose the color you want.

Final Thoughts

How to center text in paint? In order to do this, drag the cursor to the image space where you want your text to begin and begin typing.

This is an easy-to-use program that you can have on hand whenever you want to use it. You can personalize the text in Paint by changing your text’s color, size, and font.

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