How to Play Java Games on Android Phones In 2024

Have you ever used old phones that were not smart? If the answer is yes, then you surely have played games on it, right? That time, the majority of users used to play Java games on their phone.

In the period of Nokia, and Sony Ericsson Series (Not Smartphone) many small partners involved in JAVA game cannot get themselves out and many people have an addiction to those types of games.

Now the old mobile phones have turned into smartphones and mobile games also have been different. But some feelings never end and we try to cherish  them in different ways. So, how can we forget about playing JAVA games?

Today throughout the context, we’ll illuminate How to Play JAVA Games on Android with an app’s help. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What Do You Need to Play Java Games on Android?

We used to play contrastive java games on our keypad phones, and these games were only available for java phones. But now, many people wish to play the same old game on smartphones. So what do you need to play old Java Games on Android phone?

First, you need to retrieve a source where you can find all your favored java games. There are numerous sources and websites that are loaded with different old games that are only compatible with the JAVA Operating System.

Now select your favorite game and download it as a  JAR or Archive file. With the JAR files’ help, you will be up to playing 2D and 3D Java games on smartphones without complications.

How to Play Java Games on Android [Proven Methods]

For Playing Java Games on Android, you need to take help from different java emulators. Apart from that, You will find many apps on the Internet or Google Play Store that will let you convert JAR files to APK files.

How To Play Java Games On Android

APK files can be easily run on smartphones, no matter if it is a mobile app or a game. For getting the detailed elaboration, you can check out the sections below where we have demonstrated every possible step that you can execute.

1.  Use J2ME Loader

Among many ways to play java games on android, the use of J2ME is the easiest one. This app will allow java programming related apps to act as Android apps. J2ME also supports multiple functions, including a virtual keyboard, individual settings, scaling support, etc. If you do not comprehend using J2ME, then follow the below steps to  know How To Play Java Games On Android Without Root through J2ME.

Step 1:  First Download & Install J2ME Loader on your device from the Google Play Store.

Use J2ME Loader

Step 2:  Once the J2ME Loader is installed, Open It  And Download The Game That You Want To Play in “JAR” format.

Step 3:  Press on the “+” icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Use J2ME Loader

Step 4: Now Select The Game That Has Been Downloaded As “Jar” Format.

Use J2ME Loader

Step 5: On this stage, You Will See The Game Name In The Middle Of The Screen And Tap It to open.

Use J2ME Loader

Step 6: The game menu screen will appear on your screen, and from here you need to customize the game experience. Check the “Scale To Fit” button. Or you can uncheck it to play the game on default mode instead to fit it on your screen.

Use J2ME Loader

Step 7: Click on the “Start” button  now to play the java game on your Android Smartphone.

Use J2ME Loader

2.  Use The CoffeeVm – Simple J2ME Emulator

Here is another easy to use emulator that can be used to download and play java games on your Android device. The CoffeeVm app for Android devices is available on the play store. It supports 2D and 3D games with the touch screen. This app will also let you take a screenshot from the java game, and it contains a simple variant of phone keys. In this segment, we’ll demonstrate How To Download Java Games On Android and then play with ease.

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and then search for “Simple J2ME Emulator”  to download it on your smartphone.

Use the CoffeeVm - Simple J2ME Emulator

Step 2: once the installation process is done, Open CoffeeVm And Download The Game That You Intend To Play In “JAR” Format.

Step 3: Save The Downloaded File To Any Specific  Folder of your phone storage.

Step 4: Now click on the “Folder Icon” located in the upper right corner.

Use the CoffeeVm - Simple J2ME Emulator

Step 5: Now Select The Game That Has Been Downloaded By You before.

Use the CoffeeVm - Simple J2ME Emulator

Step 6: Once the JAR file is uploaded, it will take a little time to convert the file into a Playable file.

Use the CoffeeVm - Simple J2ME Emulator

Step 7: After that, you will see your favorite game on the screen with a “Convert Completed” pop up message at the bottom.

Use the CoffeeVm - Simple J2ME Emulator

Step 8: Now click on the Game Icon and enjoy the old java game on your Android device.

3.  Retro2ME – J2ME Emulator

While most people think playing java games on android is difficult, you can make it easy by using Retro2ME. It is an Android Emulator App that will help you to play JAVA games on Smartphones that are only compatible with the JAVA Operating System.  It supports 2D and 3D games with a WAP browning system. If you don’t perceive, how to accomplish it, then check the steps below that we have given.

Step 1: Start with Downloading  The Retro2ME App from the  Google Play Store.

Retro J2ME _ J2ME Emulator

Step 2: After accomplishing the installation procedure, Open The App And Select The “Wap” Option.

Retro J2ME _ J2ME Emulator

Step 3: Here, you can search for different java game websites. For example, write “”.

Retro J2ME _ J2ME Emulator

Step 5: After getting access to the website, select the second option, “Find Your Favorite Game.

Step 6: Now, you can Search For Your Favorite Game And Select One After Having Search Results.

Step 7:  On this stage, Download The Game On Jar Format.

Step 9: After completing the downloading process, now Open The Jar File With Retro J2me.

Retro J2ME _ J2ME Emulator

Step 10: The Game will be  installed and  show you a pop-up message “Installation complete.”

Step 11: Now click on the “Select Game,” then select your game and start playing.

Retro J2ME _ J2ME Emulator

4.  Try with JBED

JBED is a program that is designed to use different old java apps and play games on android. Basically, it holds the .apk file of apps that will let you run more than 40,000 java apps on your smartphone. JBED is a  Java Game Emulator For Android, and through this, you can download  different formats like .jar, .jad, java, J2ME, MIDP games.  Here we are going to show you different java games on your phone through JBED.

Step 1: Start with Downloading the JBED Apk File.

Step 2: Once the app is downloaded, open it and then download “libjbedvm so” and place it in the system lib folder.

Try with JBED

Step 3: Now Close JBED. Apk File And Restart Your Android Mobile Phone.

Step 4: After restarting your phone, Open The Installed BED App. After That, Select The Menu Button And Then Choose The SD Card.

Try with JBED

Step 5: Now Download The JAR Or JAD File Of The App That You Want To Install On Your Phone to play.

Step 7: After downloading the JAR or JAD file, then Install It Through The JBED App.

Try with JBED

Step 8: Now, simply Open The Installed Java Game And Enjoy It on your smartphone.

Try with JBED

5.  Use the NetMite

This is another popular method to play old Java games on a smartphone. NetMite converts .jar files into .apk files and makes it possible to install any java games on Android. Follow the below steps to download  & play java games through NetMite on an Android smartphone.

Step 1: First, search “NetMite App Runner” from your web browser and download it.

Step 2: Run The Downloaded Apk File To Install It & wait until it is accomplished.

Use the NetMite

Step 3: Now, Download The .Jar Or .Jad File Of The Java Game you want to play.

Step 4: Copy  .Jar Or .Jad File’s URL And Paste It on the provided space on the NetMite app’s conversion page.

Use the NetMite

Step 5: After Uploading The .Jar Or .Jad File, The Netmite App Will Ask You To Download The  Java Games Apk File.

Step 6: Now, Normally Install The Converted App On Your Device And Run It.

Frequently Asked Questions[FAQ]

Here we have included some of the most asked questions that may also arise on your mind. Check out this segment carefully to get the solution if you also have the same question.

What Is The Best Java Emulator For Android?

You’ll find many emulators including, J2ME Loader, PhoneMe, JBED, JBLED, J2ME Runner, etc. Among them, J2ME Loader is the best emulator to download java games on an Android phone.

Can I Install Java Games On Android Without Root?

To play java games on any Android device without root, you have to use different Android emulators. Download java games .jar file and run it through an emulator to play java games on Android phone without Rooting Android Phone.

Can Android Emulators Ruin Your Phone?

Absolutely not. All android emulators will work the same as any ordinary app. They follow the same protocol as other apps on different apps stores. Emulators won’t ruin your phone even if you use a jailbreak version app.

Final Word

So this was all about How To Play Java Games On Android. You will find many programs and emulators to play java games on your smartphone. But above, we have mentioned some most useful ways to help you play java games on your Android device. We believe this article will not disappoint you and allow you to play all the old 2D and 3D games. So, do it right now and get back to the era when you usually used Nokia, or Sony Ericsson button sets.

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