How to Recover Deleted Videos From Phone Memory

The majority of people now use a smartphone for their daily purposes. Nowadays, one of the principal reasons for using smartphones is for taking pictures or capturing videos. Most of the time, we grab our best moments like birthday parties, marriage ceremonies, and so on and store them on our smartphone. 

However, if your smartphone videos have been deleted or lost, you needn’t be worried. You can get them back by executing some easy but effective ways. Through this context, we’ll illustrate how to recover deleted videos from phone memory. So, let’s look and grab the procedure that will be consistent for you to apply. 

How to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos form Phone Memory

If you permanently remove or delete videos from your phone memory, you can get them back by applying some procedures. In this segment, we’ll illustrate those processes individually.

how to recover deleted videos from phone memory

1. Retrieve Deleted Videos from Recently Deleted Option

When your videos are deleted from your gallery, it stores on the “Recently Deleted” option. If you intend to get back those deleted videos, then you can restore them from there. Track down the below directions to notice how to accomplish it.

Step 1: Move to the “Gallery” app and then select “Album.”

Step 2: Now find the “Recently Deleted” option and click on it.

Step 3: Mark the Videos that you intend to delete.

Step 4: You will notice three particular options, from there press on the “Restore” below.

press on the “Restore” below.

2. Recover Deleted Photos With Android Data Recovery App

You will find plenty of data recovery applications to retrieve deleted videos. Here we’ll illuminate how you can recover deleted photos with the “Deleted Video Recovery” application.

Step 1: Download the “Deleted Video Recovery” app from the Google Play store.

Deleted Video Recovery

Step 2: Run the app on your device and then select the “ Restore Deleted Videos” option below. 

Restore Deleted Videos

Step 3: It will grab a few times to scan your memory and then show the video that was deleted.

scan your memory

Step 4: Mark the videos you intend to restore, and then click on the “Restore Now” option below.

“Restore Now

3. Get Your Deleted Videos Back  With Computer

With the help of a computer, you can restore your deleted videos. To accomplish the procedure, you have to download a device repair tool.  Here we’ll show how to recover permanently deleted photos from android with Dr. Fone recovery tool.

Step 1: Visit Dr. Fone’s official site and then download it on your PC.

Visit Dr. Fone’s official site

Step 2: After accomplishing the installation process, Run it on your device and connect your mobile phone to the PC with a USB. Now press on the “Data Recovery” option.

Data Recovery” option.

Step 3: You’ll see an interface from their Mark “Videos” folder and press “Next.” Look at the below picture.

Mark “Videos” folder

Step 4: It’ll  start scanning  your folder to detect deleted videos. This process will grab a few moments and wait until the scanning process is accomplished.  

detect deleted videos

Step 5: Mark the Videos that you intend to Restore and press on the “Restore to Device” or Restore to Computer” option from where you wish to restore.

Restore to Device

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4. Restore Deleted Videos From Google Photos

If your videos are deleted  from the Google photos application, you can restore them within 60 days from the “Trash” folder. Follow the below steps to restore deleted videos from the Google Photos app.

Step 1: Open Google Photos Application first.

Step 2: Press on the “Three-dot” icon from the above corner.

Step 3: Select the “Trash” folder and then mark videos that you will restore.

Trash folder

Step 4: Click on the “Restore” option from the top of the right corner.

Restore” option from the top

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have conferred answers to some queries that will clarify more about restoring permanently deleted videos.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Phone Without Root?

From the gallery or with the Android toolkit’s help, you can restore deleted videos from an android phone without root.

How Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Photos and Videos?

Download the android recovery app first, then connect your phone to the computer. Once your phone is connected to the computer, open the recovery app and then scan. Now choose the file that you intend to restore and press on the “Restore” option.

Where Do Permanently Deleted Photos Go?

When we delete something like photos, videos, or other files, it is stored to recycle bin or trash in your operating system.

Final Thought

We have discussed how to recover deleted videos from phone memory. Four different methods have been illuminated above, and you can execute any of them to get back your deleted videos. We hope you won’t face any difficulties to apply these easy but effective procedures. Even then, if you confront any difficulties, let us know in the comment section.   

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