How to Remove Header and Heading Styles in MS Word

Alternating a heading or header is not a complicated task at all. But for the new user of Microsoft Word, it will be a bit difficult.

Extracting the heading of MS Word one by one is wearisome, and for beginners, it is more difficult. For the new user of MS Word, we have brought some ways that will help you out.

Here, we have accumulated several different ways to illustrate How to Remove Headings in Word for those who want to delete existing headings from documents.

By executing the procedure as we pointed up below, you can fix up the issue. We’ll show the removing heading style in MS Word as well through this context.

How to Remove Headings in Word

How to Remove Header in Word[ Step by Step]

As we said earlier, removing the heading is not a difficult task, so you can remove it in a convenient way. Header is the top border of MS Word, and Footer is the bottom margin. These both are crucial for showing different things like name, title, document, or page number. However, here we’ll demonstrate How to Delete Header in Word.

Method 1: With Remove Header Command

Using Remove Header Command is the simplest way to Remove Header from Word Document. The procedures have been demonstrated step by step.

Step 1: Open Microsoft office first and then press on the “Insert” tab from above.

With Remove Header Command

Step 2: Click on the “Header” option next to the Links option.

With Remove Header Command

Step 3: After pressing on the “Header” option, a new window will appear. Now look at the bottom where you’ll see “Remove Header” and press on it.

With Remove Header Command

Method 2: Remove all Header at Once

If you don’t intend to remove the Header one by one, then remove all headers simultaneously by following the below process.

Step 1: Go to the “Header” area first and then “Double-Click” to make it alterable.

Remove All Header at Once

Step 2: Select all the Header parts in your context, and then tap on the “Delete” Key.

Remove All Header at Once

Now you’ll notice that, after pressing the Delete key, all the header has been removed from your content.

How to Remove Headings in Word?

Several heading options are available on MS Word from 1 to 9. You can change the heading style in several ways. Below, we’ll instruct how to change the heading style.

Method 1: Change in Normal Text

All the heading has its own formatting, but you can configure the heading according to your desire. The normal heading is similar to the text font. To change it or remove it, select the Text and then press on the “Normal” option from the above.

Change in Normal Text

Method 2: Remove Heading with Clear Formatting

To remove the heading through  Clear Formatting, follow the instruction below.

Step 1: Bold or highlight the heading by pressing “Ctrl+B” that you intend to change.

Remove Heading with Clear Formatting

Step 2: Now press on the “Arrow Down” button from the heading bar and then select “Clear Formatting” option.

Remove Heading with Clear Formatting

Method 3: Clear Heading with Style Dialog

With style dialog, you can remove heading style. Let’s look below to see how to change the heading style in MS Word with dialog.

Step 1: Select and highlight the heading that you wish to change.

Clear Heading with Style Dialog

Step 2: Now press “Ctrl+Shift+S” to make the dialog box appear and then select the “Clear All” option from the box.

Clear Heading with Style Dialog

Method 4: Removing Heading by Selecting the Text

It is the easiest way two changes or removes the heading style. Within two clicks, you can change your heading style. Follow the below direction and look at the picture.

Step 1: Select the heading first using the mouse, and then a “Menu” bar will appear from which you can change the font style as well.

Removing Heading by Selecting the Text

Step 2: Choose the “Styles” from the right side.

Removing Heading by Selecting the Text

Step 3: Several options will appear under this section from where you can change font style or remove heading format.

Removing Heading by Selecting the Text

Frequently Asked Questions

In this segment, we have accumulated a number of questions that we are usually asked by Microsoft Word users. If you have any problems related to the Microsft word then, this section may help you out most.

How to Turn Off Header in Word from the Navigation Pane?

Removing or turning off headers from the Navigation pain is simple thus anyone can do it. These are the steps…

  1. Navigate to the “View” option from the menu bar
  2. From the multiple options, tick mark on the “Navigation Pain” Box
  3. Now you’ll see all the header you have added to your word document
  4. Keep the cursor of the heading that you want to remove
  5. Now click on the Right Button of your Mouse then Delete.

How Do I Remove the Header from a Table of Contents?

There is the procedure below for those who would like to delete the header from a table of content.

  1. First, select the “Text” that you have typed
  2. After that choose “References” from the above
  3. Select “Add Text” from the pull-down menu
  4. Tick mark on the “Do Not Show in the Table of Content” option

How Do I Start a Header on Page 3?

If you are supposed to include a header on page 3 of Microsoft Word, then execute the procedure below.

  1. Tap on the “Insert” tab first
  2. Select “Page Number” below.
  3. You can see the page header has appeared on your page
  4. Now include headers that you want

How to Put a Decorative Border Around Text in Word?

Different ways are available out there that can be applied to put decorative Border. You can include Border by selecting a certain section of text or create a border to the entire page of Text. In that case, you can follow our previous context How to Put a Decorative Border Around Text in Word to get a detailed idea of this object.

Final Verdict

You are not alone, there are a remarkable number of Microsoft users out there who can’t remove headers or heading styles. For them, in the above, we have explained How to Remove Headings in Word.

We hope you have gotten the proper solution of changing or removing the header and header style. By executing the strategies as we pointed earlier, you can alter the header hassle-free.

But the last thing you have to bear in mind that different MS Word versions hold respective functions so the procedures can vary from version to version.

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