How to Use Speedfan In Your Computer – Cool down the CPU and GPU

As we said, SpeedFan works as a system monitor, especially for Microsoft Windows. This software plays a vital role in controlling computer temperature, and you can manage your cooler fan with it. SpeedFan confers the best services, but the system programs of the app are complex.

For its complexity, most users don’t get enough courage to use this app. If you are also confronted with the same situation and speculating how to use speedfan, read the text below. Here, we have assembled some of the consistent procedures that you can execute to use SpeedFan without difficulty.

What is SpeedFan?

How to Use Speedfan In Your Computer - Cool down the CPU and GPU 1

SpeedFan is a system checker of Microsoft Windows. It can detect computer temperature, fan speed, voltage, and almost everything related to the computer hardware. The wondrous thing about the app is, you will be able to control the cooler fan temperature depending on your PC’s sultriness.

Why Is Fan Speed Control Important?

If your PC is working fine and there is no loud sound on your PC due to the cooler fan, you don’t need SpeedFan to control it. Instead, if you get terrible sound while running your PC, you need to control fan speed. In that situation, you can use the SpeedFan application. Fan control is necessary to make your  PC’s components cool as well.

What Is the Benefit of SpeedFan?

Several benefits you’ll get from the  SpeedFan. The most important service that will have it, you can see the hardware temperature of your computer. The application’s prominent feature is that it can control your PC’s speed according to the inside temperature. Apart from these, you will get the below benefits from this app.

  • SpeedFan can handle hardware monitor chips.
  • It can detect any temperature of the hardware components.
  • You can perceive the electricity voltage with this application.
  • Fan speed can be read with the SpeedFan app. 

How to Use SpeedFan

As we mentioned earlier, the user interface of the app is not consistent. Thus, everyone can’t use it. Today, through this article, we’ll illustrate how you can use the application without confronting any complexity. So, let’s look at and grab the advantages of this incredible application.

Step 1: First, navigate to the official site of  SpeedFan to download and install it. It will grab a while relying on your internet speed connection.

SpeedFan to download and install

Step 2: Once the app is installed, open it and then tap on the “Configure” option from the right.

“Configure” option

Step 3: Now press on the “Advanced” tab

“Advanced” tab

Step 4: From the new window, select “PMW1, 2, or 3” and turn them into  

 “SmartGuardian” mode and then press “OK.”

How to Use Speedfan In Your Computer - Cool down the CPU and GPU 2

Step 5: Move to the “Fan Control” tab now from the above. Keep in mind that never set fan speed less than  30% because it may stop.

Fan Control

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Step 6: You can tick a mark on the “Automatic Fan speed option” as well that will monitor according to your PC temperature.

Automatic Fan speed option

Step 7: Now navigate to the “Temperature” tab to set up your Computer’s temperature. Setting temperature entirely depends on the PC’s condition.

Temperature” tab

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have conferred answers to some interrogations that will clarify more about installing SpeedFan on your device.

Can SpeedFan Damage My Computer?

No, SpeedFan can’t damage your computer, but if you didn’t notice any faults on your computer, we recommend not to use SpeedFan. However, SpeedFan is not consistent with all devices.

Is Speedfan Trustworthy?

SpeedFan is Useful for controlling computer hardware components. You can alter cooling FanSpeed as well with this software.

Is it Wrong to Run Your PC Fans at 100?

Not at all. You can run your PC at full speed that keeps computer hardware cool and safe.

Final Verdict

We have illustrated above how to use SpeedFan. If you can execute the following process, you won’t confront any difficulties to configure SpeedFan, as we mentioned earlier. However, we hope you got your answer on how to use speedfan to cool down laptop. Even then, if you have any queries, let us know by dropping your comment below.

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