How to Shut off Optional Update Delivery Is Not Working Notification Windows 7 & 10

You have to know about optional update delivery is not working and why these methods occur are easier. This windows method can be a nightmare for many users, but you are free to fix it quickly. It is time for you to know the causes of the error and its quick solutions in your windows operating system.

Causes of Optional Update Delivery Is Not Working

The causes of optional update delivery is not working in windows 7 fixes because you use counterfeit software, bugs, or errors. They are common problems that completely affect your Windows experience, but you must solve them with some steps, which are as follows.

Optional Update Delivery Is Not Working

Step 1: When you see the alert box on your home screen about “you may be a victim of a software counterfeit,” you must act quickly to avoid problems.

Causes of Optional Update Delivery Is Not Working

Step 2: You have to click the windows start key after restarting the operating system completely.

Causes of Optional Update Delivery Is Not Working

Step 3: You must go to the control panel options or quickly search for “activate windows” and click to run it.

Causes of Optional Update Delivery Is Not Working

Step 4: When you click to activate windows, you may get a “connect and solve the problem now” message asking you to reinstall the operating system. The next message you will see in windows is “unauthorized changes were made, so you must reinstall or restore the system files.”

Causes of Optional Update Delivery Is Not Working

Step 5: You have to restart the computer again so that the windows activation is effective and the errors do not appear again. These failures in windows are constant because there is a lot of piracy in installing the operating system.

Note: you mustn’t use programs that confirm your operating system’s files, such as external firewalls or anti-spyware. If you know you have pirated windows, the idea is not that you give it away with legal problems with windows. You have to protect your operating system, although it is not 100% legal, if it works perfectly.

There is no simpler solution for the optional update delivery is not working windows 7 fix. You have to activate and restart windows. It may take a few minutes for your computer to restart, but you should not worry that this will not harm it. The windows error may appear several times, but you have to follow the previous steps to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

In an optional update, delivery is not working; you may have some questions to solve the problem such as:

Why do I get the optional windows to update messages?

The optional windows update message appears when a third-party system reports using an illegitimate operating system.

Does this notification appear on all pirated windows operating systems?

No, the notification does not appear on all pirated windows systems unless you install a program that makes it activate.

How do I get my original version of windows seven without piracy?

You can buy the original version of windows 7 in many physical stores or online at a high cost, but it is worth it.

What programs show that my operating system is not legal?

External firewalls and anti-spyware are the programs that show a pirated operating system that needs to be active.

Can my computer be damaged by not having genuine windows?

No, your computer can work perfectly using pirated windows without interfering with its options.

Final Thought

Optional update delivery is not working is common but that you can solve quickly in windows. You can comply with some basic steps to avoid this annoying notification and thus keep your PC functional. You mustn’t install third party firewalls to expose your computer and its pirated Windows version.

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