How to Fix Samsung Black Screen of Death in 2022

Indeed, Samsung is one of the most leading mobile brands, and it holds millions of users out there. It includes unique features with its open-source operating system.

Many Samsung smartphone users have recently reported on several forums and websites that their phone is stuck on the black screen. They are seeking solutions for the Samsung Black Screen of Death Fix.

Due to several reasons, you may confront Samsung’s black screen of death. If it happens because of software issues, then you can resolve it by executing the following methods.

In contrast, if it occurs on the basis of hardware issues, you have to take it to the nearest mobile servicing center. So, look at the article below and see why you got a black screen on your phone and how to fix it.

Why Does Samsung Have a Black Screen of Death?

As we said earlier, for several reasons, you may be familiar with this problem. But there are some specific causes available that can be responsible for the Samsung Phone Black Screen issue.

The first one is, if there is an incomplete software update happening in your Samsung smartphone, then you might get a black screen issue. Dropping a phone on water or from an extended height can be responsible too for this.

We have detected that the system crashed, and a low battery can also be accountable for this problem. Apart from these, running official firmware turns your Samsung smartphone device into a black screen death.

Whatever the source of the problem, in this context, we’ll confer solutions against the issue.

How to Fix Samsung Black Screen of Death

You can execute several methods to resolve the Samsung Screen Not Turning on Problem. Sometimes you may need to apply one more method if you don’t get a result by executing one. However, follow the below instructions and grab one that will be consistent for you to apply.

1. Remove & Re-insert the Battery

If you confront the black screen of death on your device, the first thing that you can do is remove and reinsert the battery. Before removing the battery, make sure that you have switched off your phone.

Remove & Re-insert the Battery to Fix Samsung Black Screen of Death

2. Turn the Dark Screen Mode Off

If you get access anyhow on your black screen-affected device, then turn the dark mode off if it is on. Follow the below directions to know how to turn off the dark mode.

Step 1: Navigate to the setting option of your smartphone device.

Step 2: Find “Accessibility” and then click on the “Vision.”

Step 3: Now unmark the “Dark Screen” mode.

Turn the Dark Screen Mode Off to Fix Samsung Black Screen of Death

3. Boot Your Phone Into Recovery Mode

If the Samsung black screen death remains after executing the above two mentioned processes, then boot your phone into recovery mode. A huge number of users don’t know how to boot a Samsung smartphone. Look at the below where we have illuminated how you can do it.

Step 1: Turn off your Samsung phone first by pressing the Power Button.

restart phone to Fix Samsung Black Screen of Death

Step 2: Hold the “Volume UP+Home+Power” button simultaneously.

Hold the Volume UP+Home+Power button to Fix Samsung Black Screen of Death

Step 3: Once your phone is started vibrating, leave the “Power” button but keep holding the “Volume Up+Home” keys until the screen appeared.

leave the Volume UP+Home+Power button to Fix Samsung Black Screen of Death

Step 4: Now from the “Android System Recovery” menu, select “Wipe Cache Partition”  and then press “OK.”

from the Android System Recovery menu, select Wipe Cache Partition

Once the cache partition is removed, your device will automatically restart within a moment. After finishing the procedure, check whether the black screen problem has been resolved or not.

4. Hard Reset Your Affected Samsung Device

Hard reset is one of the prominent methods to resolve Samsung stuck at the black screen. Keep in mind that a hard reset will erase all data that is stored on your device. That’s why we recommend before executing a hard reset, back up all your important dates.

Step 1: Switch off your mobile phone first.

Step 2; Hold the “Home+Volume UP+Power” button at once.

Step 3: Leave “Power” keys once your phone starts vibrating.

Step 4: Now select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” by using the Volume Up/Down key.

wipe data to Hard Reset your Affected Samsung Device

Step 5: Now press on the “Yes” from below.

press yes to Hard Reset your Affected Samsung Device

Step 6: Click on the “Reboot System Now” option, and your device will reboot within a moment.

reboot system to Hard Reset your Affected Samsung Device

5. Fix Samsung Black Screen with Repair Tool

There are plenty of repair tools on the internet that can be used to fix black screen issues. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to solve it with Reiboot for Android Pro. Look at the below steps to complete this procedure.

Step 1: First, visit the tenorshare website to download the Reiboot Android tool.

download the Reiboot Android tool to Fix Samsung Black Screen With Repair Tool.

Step 2: Once installed on your device, run it and then select “Repair Android System” after connecting your phone.

select Repair Android System to Fix Samsung Black Screen With Repair Tool

Step 3: Press on the “Repair Now” option to precede and then confers exact information about your device.

press on repair now to fix black screen

Step 4: Now download the latest malware package by pressing on the Download option.

download the Reiboot Android tool to Fix Samsung Black Screen

Step 5: To start the repairing process, click on the “Repair Now” and then press on the “Continue” option below.

To start the repairing process, click on the Repair Now

Step 6: Once the repair process is accomplished, you’ll see an interface like this.

repairing process completed

Frequently Asked Questions

We have given answers to some frequently asked questions that we are generally asked by many more users. Hopefully, these will help you out to resolve the death screen issue of your Android Smartphone Including Samsung.

Why Is My Samsung A51 Not Turning On?

First, we would like to ensure you that you are not the only one who is facing the problem with the Samsung A51 series smartphone. This problem can be solved easily with few effective steps.

  1. Initially, tap & hold the “Volume Down & Power Key” at once for 10 seconds
  2. When your phone is turned back on, release the two keys
  3. Wait until the reboot is accomplished

Now check whether the black screen problem of Samsung A51 has been resolved or not.

How To Access My Phone When the Screen Is Black?

If your phone screen is black but you intend to access the phone immediately, then you can follow the steps below.

  • Download an Android Unlock Software (You can use Dr. Fone, Easeus, or I MyFone LockWiper
  • Open the App and Connect your phone to the computer
  • Now, select your Smartphone Model
  • Tun your phone into Download Mode
  • At this stage, a recovery package should be downloaded for your phone
  • In the final step, remove the Android Lock Screen

How to Unlock Phone Without Password on Black Screen?

First, you have to resolve the black screen problem on your phone. You can execute the methods to fix it. After that, you’ll be up to Unlock the phone Without a Password with ease. If you don’t know how then check our previous article on it that we have linked up above.

How to Enable USB Debugging on Android With Black Screen?

In different ways, you can enable USB Debugging on Android with a black screen. A mouse, ADB tools, or Debugging software can be used to enable USB Debugging. To get detailed info about it, check our previous article, How to Enable USB Debugging on Android With Black Screen

Final Thought

Samsung phones undoubtedly provide the best services to the users. But recently many users confronting the black screen death issue which is fixable with some efficient recovery process.

In the above, we have discussed the Samsung Black Screen of Death Fix procedure. The methods as we pointed up, you can execute them to fix the black screen problem.

If this problem occurs only due to a software crash or related to this, you can surely fix it with the above-mentioned process. If the black screen appears due to a hardware glitch, then take it to the nearest mobile servicing center.

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