How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Error Code 012

Today’s people are moving toward smart TVs that enable them to watch tv-series, movies, and many more on online streaming sites. Through this, you can browse the internet as well as stream youtube videos and many other things simultaneously.

Smart Tv is undoubtedly a good example of advanced innovation and provides prominent services to the users. But sometimes some software stops working and shows error code 012 that the majority of people confront.

Fixing Samsung Smart Tv Error Code 012 is not a challenging task. Below, we have illustrated some of the best ways to fix this problem. You can apply any of them on your Samsung smart TV if you have confronted the Samsung Tv Error Codes.

Fix Samsung Smart TV Error Code 012

In this part, we will be illustrating some of the procedures resolving the Samsung Smart Tv Error Code 012. Before applying a method to solve the issue, make sure that the smart tv is connected to the internet. Otherwise, you can’t solve it, follow our instructions below to fix error code 012.

1. Update the Firmware

Sometimes Samsung Smart Tv Apps Error Code 012 occurs due to downgraded firmware. That’s why you need to update your device with the latest firmware. Hopefully, the error code will disappear after updating it. Below we have portrayed the way of updating firmware.

Step 1: Go to the TV’s “Option” menu by clicking on the “Menu” from the remote control. Now go to the “Support” tap by using the down arrow of the remote.

Update the Firmware

Step 2: Select the “Software Update” option.

Update the Firmware

Step 3: Now press on the “Update Now” option. If the updated firmware is available, it will download and install automatically.

press on the Update Now toUpdate the Firmware

2. Restart Smart Hub

If you still face the Error Code 012 on Samsung Smart Tv even after applying the first method, then you can restart the Smart Hub to see if it works or not. Below we have shown how to restart the Smart Hub.

Step 1: First, switch on your Smart TV and then tap on the “Smart Hub” on the remote control.

switch on your Smart TV and then tap on the “Smart Hub” on the remote control to Restart Smart Hub

Step 2: After launching the smart hub screen, tap on the blue letter “D” button from the remote control.

launching the smart hub screen to Restart Smart Hub

Step 3: Select the “Reset” option and hit “Enter.”

Select the Reset option and hit Enter

Step 4: Now it will ask for a password. If you didn’t set it, then type “0000” as the default password.

set password to Restart Smart Hub

Step 5:After accomplishing the reset process, the “Reset Complete” pop-up will appear on your screen.

Reset Complete pop-up

3. Change DNS

Changing DNS can resolve the Samsung Smart Tv Network Interference Error Code 012. Here we will describe the procedure of changing DNS on your Samsung smart TV.

Step 1: Go to the Samsung TV menu option by clicking the “Menu” key on the remote control and select the “Network” option.

select the “Network” option to Change DNS

Step 2: Now click on the “Network Status” option from the right side of the screen.

click on the Network Status to Change DNS

Step 3:You will see 3 options. From there, select the “IP Setting.”

Change DNS

Step 4: Press on the “DNS setting.”

Change DNS

Step 5: Choose “Enter Manually,” and enter the DNS server, and press “OK”.

Change DNS

After finishing the process, restart your smart TV and check whether the error message appears or not.

4. Factory Reset

The factory reset is the last method that you can apply if you fail to resolve the Error Code 012 Samsung Smart Tv Apps. By following the technique, you can reset the factory setting.

Step 1: Open “Setting” and then select the “Support” tab.

Factory Reset

Step 2: Select the “Self Diagnosis” option from the right side of the TV’s screen.

Factory Reset

Step 3: Nowchoose the Reset option.


Step 4: Provide your password. If you didn’t set it then type “0000” as a default password.

Provide your password to Factory Reset

Step 5: Now press “yes”  to proceed, and it will take a few times to reset.

press yes  to proceed Factory Reset

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions have been illustrated in this segment that we are usually asked by many more users who confront the error code issue on Samsung Smart Tv. These may help you out if you ever face this type of error code problem.

How Do I Manually Update My Samsung Smart Tv?

Updating a Samsung Smart Tv is simple and doesn’t take lots of time. If you are not familiar, how it can be done, then follow the directory below.

  1. Move to the “Setting” option by using your Tv’s Remote
  2. Now select “Support”
  3. After that press on the “Software Update” option
  4. Clicon on “Update Now”

This entire process will take time, so don’t turn off your Tv Until the procedure is accomplished. 

How Do You Update Apps on Samsung Smart Tv?

To update Apps on Samsung Smart Tv, you don’t need to be expert on it as it is simple as you think. The procedures that we have given can be followed.

  1. Press the “Home” button of your remote control
  2. Select “App” from the menu bar
  3. Now press on the “Select” icon
  4. From the new options, Press on the “Auto Update”

What IS Samsung Smart Tv Error Code 001?

Smart TV Error Code 001 is related to the Smart that usually happens on the older version of Smart Tv. To keep yourself away from the problem, you should set up a county while setting up for the first time so that Smart Hub can download apps and services related to your countries.


Though Samsung Smart Tv Error Code 012 is common, it is a subject of irritation as well if it happens continuously. Discovering a solution to this error is a little bit harder as there are lots of solutions you’ll find on the internet but all the fixing procedures don’t work properly. 

In this context, we have presented some of the appropriate solutions. Hopefully, these methods will help you solve the network code error 012  on your Samsung Smart Tv. 

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