How to Fix Windows Can’t Get the Network Settings From the Router?

We computer users generally face several issues. Windows Can’t Get the Network Settings from the Router is one of them. It happens for many reasons, such as typing the wrong credentials, network adapter issues, and many more. A major portion of people don’t know how to fix it and get confused whether they can fix it or not. But applying some of the procedures, you can quickly fix this problem. Below we have illustrated some of the ways that can resolve the error efficiently. You can try these ways out to solve this problem without difficulties.

How to Fix Windows Can’t Get the Network Settings from the Router?

You can apply several ways to fix Windows Could Not Set the Network Settings issue. Here we have given some of the best procedures that you can execute to fix the problems.

1. Use Correct Credentials

If you type a wrong password while you connect to the router, you will definitely face the error. So, before connecting the router, make sure that you have given the accurate credentials.

Use Correct Credentials

2. Disable & Re-enable Network Connection

If you can’t fix the problem, Windows Can’t Get the Network Settings from the Router Windows 7 or 10 even after providing correct credentials, you can apply this method to fix it.

Step 1: First, tap on the “Network Icon” from the below right corner of your PC.

Disable & Re-enable Network Connection

Step 2: After tapping on this sign, you will see two options. One is “ Troubleshoots Problem,” and the other is “Open Network & Internet settings”.press on the second one.

Open Network & Internet settings to Disable & Re-enable Network Connection

Step 3: You will see a window; from there, click on the “Wi-Fi” option and then select “ Manage known networks” on the right side.

Disable & Re-enable Network Connection

Step 4: You will see a list of networks that you have connected to. Detect the network that you are facing the error “Windows Can’t Get Settings Automatically Enter the Security Key Instead” and  press on the “forget” button.

Disable & Re-enable Network Connection

Step 5: Now scan the network to reconnect it.

3. Uninstall Your Network Adapter

You can uninstall your network adapter when Windows Cannot Configure This Wireless Connection. Hopefully, you can fix this problem by uninstalling the network adapter. Below, we have pointed up the process of uninstalling network adapters.

Step 1: First, search the “Device manager” on the windows search bar and open it.

Uninstall Your Network Adapter

Step 2: Then double-click on the “ Network Adapter” option and tap on your “Network Wireless” option.

Uninstall Your Network Adapter

Step 3: Keep the cursor on your “Network Wireless Option,” and then press your mouse’s right button. You will see the “Uninstall” option there.

Uninstall Your Network Adapter

Step 4: Tick-mark on the box that says “Delete the Driver Software for This Device” and press on the “Uninstall” option.

Uninstall Your Network Adapter

Now reboot your computer. It will automatically install network drivers that are required for your PC.

4. Network Reset

Network reset is another way to fix the error Windows Cannot Find Router. You can execute the guidelines that we have described below to reset the network.

Step 1: Search “Network Reset” on the windows search and then launch it on your PC.

Network Reset

Step 2: You will see the “Restart Now” option below. Click on it, and your PC will restart.

press on restart now to apply Network Reset

5. Run Troubleshooters

If you can’t fix the issue by applying the procedure as we mentioned above. You can resolve the Windows Can’t Get the Network Settings from the Router issue by running the network troubleshooters.  Run the Troubleshooters by following these ways.

Step 1: Go to the “Setting” option of your PC by pressing on the “Windows” key. Open it and select the “Update & Security” option.

go to Update & Security to Run Troubleshooters

Step 2: Tap on the “troubleshooter” option from the lift side of the screen.

Run Troubleshooters

Step 3: Select the “Additional Troubleshooters” options and then choose the “Network Adapter” option.

choose the “Network Adapter” option to Run Troubleshooters

Step 4: Keep the cursor on the “Network Adapter” option and then click the mouse’s left button. You will see the “ Run Troubleshooter” option there.

Run Troubleshooters

6. Turn on Network Discovery

If you are still confronted with the issue, you can turn on network discovery and see if it works. Follow the below process to turn it on.

Step 1: Search “Control Panel” on the Windows search bar.

go to Control Panel to Turn on Network Discovery

Step 2: Open it and press on the “Network and Internet” option.

go to Network and Internet option to Turn on Network Discovery

Step 3: After that, click on the “Network and Sharing” option and select “Change Advanced Sharing Settings” from the screen’s left side.

Network Discovery” and “turn on printer and file sharing” and hit “Enter”.

apply the following settings to Turn on Network Discovery

7. Power Cycle the Router

Sometimes a simple power cycle can fix this error. First, switch off the router and then bring out the power plug from it. Wait a few moments and plug in the power cord again. Now turn it on and check whether it is resolved or not.

8. Device Drivers

Check the device drivers whether it supports the router or not. Ensure that you are utilizing the right device drivers that are needed for the router. If needed, Uninstall, Re-install, or Update the device drives.

People Also Ask For

In this segment, we have answers to some queries that are usually asked by users who face problems related to the Windows Network Setting Error. The solutions that we are going to provide may help you out if you face problems related to a network error.

Why Can’t My Device Find My Network?

There are multiple reasons behind not seeing your Network from the Available Network list. If you can find your Network, first of all, check the wireless hardware that could be turned off anyhow or may doesn’t work appropriately.  Sometimes the network could be hidden as well.

How Do You Fix Windows Cannot Connect to Network?

Windows Can Not Connect to the Network can be fixed by executing several methods. But very few methods work properly to resolve the problem. In this segment, we have assembled some of the methods that you can apply.

  1. Remove Network & Reconnect Again
  2. Turn on & Off Airplane Mode
  3. Uninstall Network Drivers and Reinstall them
  4. Apply Network Troubleshooter
  5. If IPv6 is enabled then disable it, or
  6. Reset Your Network Setting

Why is Windows 10 Not Connecting to Network?

This problem can occur due to several reasons including wrong credentials, Router Adapter issues, and many more. If you encounter this problem, initially, restart your router, or reset the network connection. You can apply network troubleshooting as well.

Final Words

Confronting the error Windows Can’t Get the Network Settings from the Router is normal. It generally happens due to some incorrect setting options. Though it is one of the most common problems, the majority of Windows users don’t know how to fix it. However, in the above, we have given some of the solutions to these issues. You can try any of the processes to fix it. If you can’t fix the problem by utilizing a single method, try out the other 6 ways. We hope this error will be fixed.

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