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Hello! This is Denny Davis. I’m a software engineer, specialized in windows and android platforms. As a software developer, I know the ins and out of these platforms thoroughly. Just a couple of months before creating this site, I’ve done some surveys. Those surveys are based on android and windows device-related problems and issues. Then I found most of the people don’t get the right information while they encounter any issues with their android and windows devices. Then I’ve decided to create this “Fixing Advice” site to help those people who face any issues with their android and windows devices.

From this “Fixing Advice” site, you’ll learn everything about android and windows devices. You’ll also know how to maintain, configure, and fix all kinds of issues that you face with your devices. As long as you are connected with this site, you’ll get all the latest news, tips and tutorials, android and windows fixing guides. Whenever you face any problems with your android and window devices. You can easily contact me from here.

Denny Davis,
Fixing Advice Author.