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Troubleshoot and fix your devices

If you’ve got a problem with your phone, computer, or any software and need expert solutions, you’re in the right place. FixingAdvice is a pack of tech enthusiasts who share feasible solutions to almost any issues with tech products and apps. If your Android, iPhone, PC, or Mac is giving you a hard time getting things done, search with the problem name on FixingAdvice. It’s that easy to find a simple solution.

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About Us

Fixing Advice At a glance

Hi, this is Denny Davis. I’m a software engineer and the owner of this site “fixing advice”. This site is specially designed to solve your android and windows related technical problem that we often face.

In every second the technology is updated. And because of this continuous update, sometimes you may feel like a newbie that you were an expert. From now, you don’t have to agonize about that anymore as long as you’re connected here. Fixing advice is operated with a team of experts along with me to solve your problem and provide you technical tips and tricks.

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If you’re looking for a particular app, it’s just a click away if you type that in the box and hit search.

Our Popular Error Fixing

We understand that using an app or online service can be frustrating if it shows errors all around. No worries, we’ve got you covered with fixing advice for almost any issue you might have with your apps. Check this section out for an easy fix:

Our Latest App For Mac

There are smartphone apps that are too good not to be on computers. Unfortunately, you have to install the phone app on your Mac if it’s necessary. Here, we can help you use your phone apps on your Mac, even if it’s not available for computers. Have a look at some:

Hello! This is Denny Davis. I’m a software engineer, specialized in windows and android platforms. The “Fixing Advice” is the site that I specially designed to solve your android and windows related technical problems.