How Can You Solve Android Resource Linking Failed Error? [6 Solution]

If you have an Android mobile, at some point, you may see the message of Android Resource Linking Failed due to internal failures.

Your android mobile will not be completely perfect in its operating system, so these errors are very common.

You have to look for quick solutions for these faults in your phone and not go for the simplest option to replace them.

Find out how you can fix Android Studio Android Resource Linking Failed with some simple steps that won’t take a lot of money.

In this write-up, we have provided some of the effective & proven methods that will help you out to get rid of the problem for sure.

What Causes Android Resource Linking Failed Error?

Android Resource Linking Failed Android Studio is one of the most common error messages confronted by Android Developers while Working with Android Studio. Unfortunately, most of the developers can’t figure out why this problem occurs. Actually, there are no specific reasons behind it.

Android Resource Linking Failed

But many experts suspect that this error occurs when the Android Studio Gradle gets some errors in XML files. This may be a simple typo or a syntax error. Though the XML files are placed in the RES folder, you should inspect whether there are any files stored outside of the folder and you have to debug that too.

How to Fix Android Resource Linking Failed Error?

To solve the Android Resource Linking Failed Appbarlayout, you must comply with some solutions. Some of these solutions are discussed here.

Solution 1: Check XML Files

This is one of the most efficacious ways for solving Android Resources Linking Error. In this method, you have to open and then check every XML file. When you disclose the XML files, Android Studio identifies errors automatically and marks the error code. After, you’ll be up to fix the identified error codes.

Solution 2: Use Stack Trace

It is completely fine to identify errors by opening & checking XML files. But, what will you do, if you are working on an extended project? It is mostly impossible to inspect all the XML files then. So, what procedure do you follow to detect errors in large projects? Well, in that case, we recommend Using Stack Trace.  Stack Trace grants detecting errors very fast. All you need is a one-online command to find out and solve the error codes. Here is the command: gradlew build -stacktrace. Type the command & press enter.

Solution 3: Undo Previous Changes & Identify Errors

This is one of the best ways to Fix Android Studio Resource Linking Failed Error. It is not a complicated method at all. All you need is just debug & coding, and then press if it shows the error or not. If you notice, it shows an error, which means the final line of code is the error. So, you can easily resolve the last line of coding. To reverse the previous page, press “Control+Z” simultaneously.

Final Thought

We have given three different solutions for solving Android Resource Linking Failed errors. Before reading out the context, you had no knowledge regarding the issue. After reading the article, we hope you have perceived how to fix Resource Linking Failed Iconic Error Android. Even then if you have any questions about the topic that we have covered, let us know in the comment section below.

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