How Can You Solve Android Resource Linking Failed Error? [6 Solution]

If you have an Android mobile, at some point, you may see the message of android resource linking failed due to internal failures. Your android mobile will not be completely perfect in its operating system, so these errors are very common. You have to look for quick solutions for these faults in your phone and not go for the simplest option to replace them.

Find out how you can fix android studio android resource linking failed with some simple steps that won’t take a lot of money. You must know everything about the android topic and also solve some questions you have on the subject.

How to Fix Android Resource Linking Failed Error?

To solve the android resource linking failed appbarlayout, you must comply with some solutions. Some of these solutions are discussed here.

Solution # 1: Use Android Studio

Use Android Studio

For the android studio error, you can use these steps in search of your quick solution such as:

Step 1: You have to configure the compileSdkVersion 28 and click on accept

Step 2: You have to wait for the android studio to download all the necessary files.

Step 3: Finally, you have to wait as long as necessary for the android studio to link with the mobile.

Solution # 2: Link up the Extension

Link up the Extension

If you have problems on your phone with linking flutter references for android, you should give this solution:

Step 1:  You have to enter the allow_handler extension ^ 2.2.0 in your pubspec quickly.

Step 2: When the linking of this extension is effective, you will solve all the faults present in your phone.

Solution # 3: Place the Right Extension

If android resource linking failed flutter is caused by error .aapt.v2.aapt2exception you should do the following:

Place the Right Extension

Step 1: You have to go to the configuration options on your mobile and correct this extension: nexge_talk_new_ui / app / src / main / res / values ​​/ ids.xml

Step 2: You must place the entire extension perfectly to fix that problem quickly.

Step 3: Restart your mobile phone.

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Solution # 4: Apply Different Command

If the problem of android resource linking failed – unity persists, you have to act immediately by following these steps:

Apply Different Command

Step 1: Open your android configuration again and enter this command: D: | unity projects | second test | temp | Hello

Step 2: You have to configure the SK, NDK, and JDK with these steps:

– Go to the edit option

– Access preferences

– In the external tools, you must mark JDK installed with unity, which is the recommended option

– For both NDK and SDK boxes, you must open unity hub, then installation, and finally, add the module

Solution # 5: Apply New Command

You can fix android resource linking failed error: failed linking references problem in android studio with these steps:

Apply New Command

Step 1: Go to the option to place the output resources and put the following location:

– C: / users / ashish / androidstudioprojects / startup / app / build / intermediates / incremental / mergedebugresources / merged.dir / values ​​/ values.xml

Step 2: In the location, you must click on “solve the problem.”

Step 3: Wait for your mobile to download all the necessary components and automatically restart

Solution # 6: Change the Version of Command

Another common problem on your android is with android resource linking failed react-native, and its solution is with these steps:

Version of Command

Step 1: To fix android resource linking failed in attr / fontvariationsetting not found, you must update android.

Step 2: You have to change the version from compilesdkversion to compilesdkversion 28 for the operating system to work well.

Step 3: When you process the change of versions, your mobile will restart several times, but you should not worry because it is very normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about android resource linking failed, and you should concisely answer them:

What does android resource linking fail?

Common failures that occur with android resource linking failed ionic include:

– Malware problems

– General operating system problems

– System failures

– Need android update

– Lost extensions

You must consider all these causes and act according to what you feel that your android has in the system.

Why did it happen?

If you are wondering what the reason was for the android resource linking failed error: failed to create directory message, it may be due to:

– Buggy software updates

– The android operating system came with factory defects

– You installed an application with malware

Final Thought

The message that may appear about android resource linking failed is unusual, but you should not ignore it completely. You must know the commands and extensions that you must apply on your mobile to solve this problem. They are very fast solutions that you can apply on android to eliminate this problem as soon as possible.

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