How to Fix Discord Update Failed Error in Windows 7, 10?

As an active gamer, you must meet and use discord to communicate with your friends while playing the field. Sometimes the chat and video call program may fail, throwing you a discord update failed error. You may feel frustrated when the discord update fails, leaving the program completely disabled from communicating with your active friends.

It is time for you to learn how to fix discord infinite update errors with a few simple steps. You will solve the discord flaw in a few seconds using the key methods such as disabling the firewall, moving the program, etc.

Why Did the Discord Update Failed?

The discord update failed retrying in 10 seconds can be due to many factors because it is fragile to malware. Here are the reasons due to which this error occurs.

  • It may be that the last discord update brought malware with it, and therefore, it takes the error that does not leave in a loop.
  • The error may be due to permission problems in your browser where the defence firewall blocks the program.
  • A bad network connection can be the fault for the discord update not to be done quickly.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Error?

Now that you have a notion about a discord update failed, you should know how to fix this problem quickly. Among the solutions that you can apply for this failure are:

Solution # 1 : Run the Discord

The simplest solution that you can apply for discord error is to run the program as an administrator with these steps:

Run the Discord

Step 1: You have to right-click on the discord with its icon

Step 2: Look for the option to “run as administrator.”

Step 3: Click on the “yes” option

If this method does not solve it, the discord may have a blockage on your computer due to antivirus or firewall.

Solution # 2: Disable Windows Defender

If you still have discord update failed problems, you can disable the Windows defender built into your W7 operating system. Among the steps that you must follow are:

Disable Windows Defender

Step 1: You must click on start and look for Windows settings.

Step 2: Navigate down the configuration tab and choose the option “update and security.”

Step 3: You must select the option “Windows security” and then “protection against viruses and threats.”

Step 4: Click on “manage settings.”

Step 5:Change the interrupt to “enable real-time protection” offline.

Step 6:It is time for you to reopen Discord and update it to see if it exits the time loop.

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Solution # 3: Remove the Firewall

If Windows Defender did not solve the discord problem and it was disabled, you have to remove the firewall. You must comply with these steps to disable the firewall on your pc:

Remove The Firewall

Step 1: You must write firewall in the search option that appears when you open Windows

Step 2: Select the option to “enable or disable the firewall.”

Step 3: You have to uncheck the option to “block all incoming connections.”

Step 4: Click on “accept,” and now you have to access discord to check that the updates can be done.

Solution # 4: Change the Discord Location

Another way in which you can solve the discord update failed loop mac error is by moving the program location with these steps:

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Error in Windows 7, 10? 1

Step 1: Click on start and then press the R key; you can also use the Windows command + R to open the launcher.

Step 2: You must write the following: % localappdata% and then click on enter

Step 3: You have to move the discord folder wherever you like

Step 4: With the discord folder’s movement, you should proceed with its update to confirm that the loop was removed.

Solution # 5: Re-install the Discord

If all the problems of discord update failed install still has not been solved with the previous methods, you should install the program again. The steps that you must follow to uninstall and install discord in Windows 7 are as follows.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Error in Windows 7, 10? 2

Step 1: You must type in the search option the word “task” and select the task manager.

Step 2:  In the process, you have to select everything associated with discord and finish the task.

Step 3: You have to go to the control panel and locate the option to “uninstall programs.”

Step 4: Locate the discord program, select it and click on uninstall.

You could remove the discord program completely, and now you must proceed to search for it on the internet, download it and install it. This is the ultimate solution for you to remove the discord flaw on your pc.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about discord, update, and the problems it may present in your Windows 7 operating system. Here are some of the questions that people may ask frequently.

Why does the discord crash occur on my computer?

Discord failure on your computer can be caused by many factors such as firewall problems, antivirus, network connection, malware, etc.

How common can Discord failure be?

This discord problem and its infinite update are unusual because the program will always update according to the rules of Windows 7.

If I have a Windows 10 computer, will I also have the fault?

Discord problems can occur in all operating systems you have on your pc. It can occur from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

What is the ultimate method for my Discord failure?

To save you a lot of time, you can use an uninstall and fresh installation of the program as the final method to discord.

If I fix the discord problem today, will I never suffer it in the future?

The problem may occur in future so you need to be very attentive regarding these updates.

Final Thought

The discord update failed error is very common on Windows 7 computers, but you can fix it quickly. You have to reinstall the game chat program or use less aggressive methods like disabling the firewall.

Discord is a great program but very sensitive to malware, so you should take care of your computer from the things you constantly install.

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