Best Way To Fix Err_Network_Changed Chrome Error Code in Windows 10

The worst thing that can happen to your system right now is browsing your social networks, and err_network_changed error appears. This internet error is due to a bad internet connection or just an IP block that many servers experience today. You may have a bad time wanting to open your social networks or do a simple Google search, and you can’t do it.

Find out what causes was detected err_network_changed message so you can see how common it is on the internet. Discover how you can fix these errors in your default browser and thus have access to the websites you want.

What Causes Err_Network_Changed?

The causes of your connection was interrupted message in the browser can be due to:

  • Problems in network connection with your LAN or WAN cable
  • Bad Wi-Fi connection
  • DNS blocked or changed
  • Problems in the web browser

How to Fix Err_Network_Changed Step by Step?

If you want to know how to fix the internet connection was interrupted problem, you should try these quick solutions:

Solution # 1: You Must Clear Dns to Reset the Ip Address

You Must Clear Dns to Reset the Ip Address

Step 1: Access to windows and enter the command prompt as administrator

Step 2: Write the following command:

– Ipconfig / reread

– ipconfig / flushdns

– ipconfig / renew

Step 3: When you accept the commands in cmd, you have to wait for the process to be done to place the following:

– ipconfig / flushdns

– Nbtstat –r

– Restart IP netsh int

– Netsh winsock restart

Step 4: You have to accept all the changes so that the command prompt will throw you the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED message for Google chrome.

Solution # 2: Use a Google Chrome DNS

Use a Google Chrome DNS

Step 1: YOpen the control panel and access the network and internet

Step 2: You must click on the network and resource center

Step 3: Access to change adapter settings

Step 4: Select your connection network and right-click to access the properties

Step 5: Browse in properties and locate the IPv4 protocol to find its properties

Step 6: You must put the following DNS address in the ipv4 protocol:

– Preferred DNS server:

– Alternative DNS server:

Step 7: You must click accept for the changes to be made in your web browser.

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Solution # 3: Reinstall the Network Driver

Reinstall the Network Driver

Step 1: You must press the Windows + R keys

Step 2: Type devmgmt.msc and press enter to access the device manager

Step 3: Find the network adapter and expand its content to reflect your network.

Step 4: Write down the name of your network adapter to have a clause if you lose it in the future

Step 5: Right-click the adapter and uninstall its properties

Step 6: Restart your computer

Step 7: By default, your computer will install a new network adapter after restarting. If this does not happen, do it manually.

Step 8: When installing the driver, you have to restart your computer again

Solution 4: Remove the Proxy

Remove the Proxy

Step 1: Press Windows + R

Step 2: Type the command inetcpl.CPL and then press enter to enter the internet properties

Step 3: Go to connections and enter the LAN settings

Step 4: Remove the option to use the proxy in LAN and check “detect automatic settings.”

Step 5: Accept and apply the changes, finally restart your computer

Solution # 5: Delete Data from Google Chrome

Delete Data from Google Chrome

Step 1: In the Chrome browser, you have to select the Control + H keys to access the history

Step 2: Click on delete browsing data located on the left side

Step 3: Completely erase your browsing history. This may take a few minutes

Step 4: Close the browser, and you must restart your computer

Solution # 6: Reboot the Modem

Reboot the Modem

A quick way in which you can correct the err_network_changed fix error is by restarting your modem:

Step 1: You have to go to the back of your modem and press the off button

Step 2: You must wait about 30 seconds to turn on the modem again

Step 3: Wait for your DNS and LAN connection to be integrated into your modem and verify that you can now browse if the error code

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have many questions and you want their answers. Here are some of those questions.

What is the err_network_changed in chrome?

Err_network_changed is a command prompt that exits due to a bad DNS connection, fast setting, or network connection.

Does this connection error only occur in chrome or other web browsers?

The connection error can occur in all the web browsers that you have by default on your computer.

If I restart the modem, can I correct the error quickly?

You will likely solve the error in the Ethernet connection just by restarting your modem quickly.

What happens if I change ipv4 and the network problem worsens?

If you change ipv4 and the network problem worsens, you must access this configuration again and check the option to “search for the network.”

Why are the commands that I put in execute do not come out?

You have to check on the data you put in the Windows launcher because a slight error can give you bad results.

Final Thought

You have to quickly fix err_network_changed with a few simple steps on modem reset or ipv4 change. With these solutions, you will not have a bad time in your network connection with chrome limited or none at all. Each method that you apply to correct the error will not take 5 minutes of your time.

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