How To Fix Error Code 1 In Windows [This Device Is Not Configured Correctly]

If you receive an error code 1 of This Device is not Configured correctly when you connect a horn, mouse, or other devices; you should correct it. These error one problems can be caused by hardware or software failures or faulty drivers. You have to do a quick scan of your computer to verify that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Find out how you can fix error code one on your computer using simple methods that don’t take long. Find out the steps to follow to update faulty drivers or install the correct ones on your computer.

How To Fix Error Code 1 In Windows?

For you to correct the error about This Device is not configured correctly, you must apply these solutions:

Solution # 1: Update the Drivers

You have to update the drivers regardless of the Windows you have (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or W10) with these steps:

 Update the Drivers

Step 1:  You must open the manager of your devices

Step 2: Right-click on the device with error code one and select the option to update driver software

Step 3: You must select “automatically search for updated driver software” for Windows to start with the solution.

The driver update process may take a few minutes to search for the default drivers.

Solution # 2: Reinstall the Device

Reinstall the Device

Step 1: Press Windows + S  simultaneously and type on the device manager

Step 2: You must click on the device manager

Step 3: Locate the faulty hardware and right-click

Step 4: Select the uninstall option

Step 5: Remove the device from the USB port or connection point and put it back to install with a Windows default driver.

Solution # 3: Restore Settings to Changes Before Error Code 1

For this solution, you only have to change your Windows and devices’ function to a week or month when it worked correctly. Among the steps that you must follow for automatic device restoration are:

Restore Settings to Changes Before Error Code 1

Step 1: Open the Windows launcher by pressing Windows + R

Step 2: In the system restore wizard, you must accept the permissions to restore your operating system

Step 3: Select “show restore points.”

Step 4: Choose the last process before the device controller failure

Step 5: Wait a few minutes until Windows restorer fixes everything for you

Solution # 4: Restart Your Computer

You can try hard or system restart your computer by following these steps:

Restart Your Computer

Step 1: Go to the Start menu in Windows

Step 2: Expand the shutdown option

Step 3: Click on “restart.”

Step 4: Wait a few minutes while your computer restarts and verify that your computer already detects the device.

Resource article:

Solution # 5: Change the Connection Port

Change the Connection Port

Step 1: Go to the back of your computer

Step 2: Change the USB or tip connection to another available port

Step 3: Confirm if your computer accepts the connection or persists with error code 1

Solution # 6: Replace the Appliance

If you tried all the methods and were unsuccessful, it may be that the device you bought has defects or your computer in that case. You can confirm that the device you purchased is defective by connecting it to another computer. Your PC may also have connection problems due to:

Replace the Appliance

  • Faulty Windows lacking some drivers
  • USB ports do not have good capacity
  • The USB port does not have a stable connection

The best thing you can do if your computer is outdated is to replace it with a new one if you have the opportunity to do so. With a good computer with functional hardware, you will not suffer from code one error or other glitches. You have to innovate your computer immediately so that you don’t have these flaws fixed, but you have no guarantees that it will work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions you may have about This Device is not Configured correctly include:

Is the code one error frequent in the software?

Driver errors can be frequent in software, but they also have a unique solution if you update them.

What do I do if my computer’s USB port is damaged?

The only thing you can do if your computer’s USB port is damaged is to switch your device to another.

How frequent is the connection error in my horns?

Depending on how old your computer is, your horns’ connection error may be constant or not so usual.

Why are the USB ports on my computer damaged?

Hardware problems on your PC can be due to age, overheating, misuse, or a factory defect.

Is it better to accommodate my pc hardware or buy a new one?

If you compare your computer hardware or buy a new one, it is more profitable to replace your PC.


When you receive the message error code 1 or, this device is not configured correctly; you should not worry because there are quick solutions for your computer. You can accomplish some basic steps to update drivers, uninstall old ones, or reconnect your device. The error code one problem is rare in Windows but has a quick fix or gives you a prompt to replace your computer.

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