How to Perfectly Format Hard Drive From Bios in 2021?

Do you want to know how to format hard drive from bios? The process to format new or used hard drives is very simple. You have to open Windows 10 Disk Management and select the volume you want to format.

The problem is compounded when you already want to format the operating system’s drive or when you cannot enter the operating system. Many users want to know if they can format their hard drive from the BIOS. Below you will find everything you need to know about this topic.

How to Perfectly Format Hard Drive From BIOS?

Many people think that they can use their PC’s BIOS system to format the drive. BIOS is a system that cannot format your hard drive.


This is a program that has the purpose of facilitating the interactions between the hardware accessories of your PC and the operating system. It is used to indicate if the graphics card, central processing unit, hard disk, and random access memory are operational.

The scenarios that may require using BIOS to format hard drive windows 10 are:

Step 1 – Your Computer Does Not Go Through The Boot Cycle

If you have problems with your computer’s software or hardware, it will fail and be in a boot cycle.

How to Perfectly Format Hard Drive From BIOS

Step 2 – You Need To Format The Entire System Partition Where The Operating System Is

Another scene that you need to format a hard drive from BIOS (format hard drive from bios) is this. If the operating system has errors due to viruses, malware, missing files, and damaged files, you need to format the operating system partition.

How to Perfectly Format Hard Drive From BIOS

At this point, you can also format it via BIOS. You should know that this process cannot be done while it is in use, so you will have to do the job without accessing it.

Step 3 – Reinstall The Operating System

Sometimes you may need to reinstall the operating system again. It may be because your computer has errors or is locked. You can also do this process if your computer is running slowly.

How to Perfectly Format Hard Drive From BIOS

Step 4 – If There Is A Problem With The Boot Partition On The Hard Disk

Three partitions will be created when installing the Windows operating system on a new or empty hard drive. The first is a boot partition where the boot sequence is used. The second partition is where the operating system information is stored, and the third partition is for recovery. If there is something wrong with this partition, you must format the hard drive.

How to Perfectly Format Hard Drive From BIOS

How to Format a Hard Disk Without an OS?

To know the accurate answer of how to format hard disk without an OS, you can take the following steps:

Step 1 – You must make sure the computer is turned off.

How to Format a Hard Disk Without an OS

Step 2 – Connect the installation media and restart it. DVD / CD people need to turn on their computer briefly before they can insert the disc first.

Step 3 – Then, you must press the keys to enter the BIOS of the computer. These keys include “Del” and “F8”.

Step 4 – You need to find the boot properties and then move the installation media, either CD, DVD, or USB, to the first boot priority place.

How to Format a Hard Disk Without an OS

Step 5 – Restart the computer, and you must select the option to boot from the disk.

Step 6 – On the screen, you should see a series of commands, and there, you should select the drive you want to format.

Step 7 – You must select the unpartitioned space and create a new partition. When asked how to format it, you should choose FAT or NTFS.

How to Format a Hard Disk Without an OS

Step 8 – At this point, the hard drive will be completely erased, ready for the installation of an operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know about how to perfectly format hard drive through BIOS In 2021 read the next Frequent Questions:

Can a hard drive be formatted from BIOS?

To be honest, you can’t. You cannot format a drive or partition directly from the BIOS.

What is BIOS?

The BIOS is a part of the computer that works to determine if all attachments are correct and functional. It is responsible for loading the operating system into your PC’s random access memory through the hard drive.

Can the hard drive be formatted from the BIOS using the Windows installation media?

The answer is yes; you can use the Windows installation media such as the USD, CD, or DVD drive to install a new operating system.

How Can You Format a Hard Drive in Windows 10?

Follow the steps below:
1. You must press Windows + R
2. Enter diskmgmt.msc and then click OK
3. On the drive you want to format, you must right-click and choose Format
4. On the drive, confirm the volume label and also the file system
5. Must check to perform a quick format
6. Click OK, and formatting will start
7. Using MiniTool Boot Manager, can the hard drive be formatted from the BIOS?
8. You can use this tool to create a bootable CD or DVD and format the hard drive through BIOS.

Final Thought

If you want to format hard drive from bios you should know that it cannot be done from BIOS. To do this, you must follow the tips above and create a bootable CD or DVD drive to perform BIOS format.

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