How to Fix Frets on Fire Memory Error Windows 10?

Computer games have become more popular now, so it is normal to get many fun games. One of the types of games that have become very popular is guitar simulators such as Guitar Hero.

However, it is not about that specific game that we will talk about today since this article will focus exclusively on Frets on Fire. Frets on Fire is a game where you will simulate playing the guitar in which the notes will appear on the screen to be pressed.

There may be a complication regarding the game’s execution, such as the Frets on Fire Memory Error Windows 10, this error presented to different users but did not necessarily mean that you should uninstall it.

The problem can be solved with steps that you must follow to the context to continue enjoying the game. So, let’s get started.

What Causes Frets on Fire memory error Windows 10

The Frets on Fire Memory Error Windows 10 is a complication that can occur to any user when running the game. Nevertheless, it is not a fatal mistake, so that you have to forget to continue enjoying the game in question.

How to Fix Frets on Fire Memory Error Windows 10?

It is normal that games, whether computer or consoles, present small flaws on their development occasions. However, many of these failures do not pose a real problem, so that you can continue normally following a series of simple steps.

The Frets on Fire Memory Error Windows 10 occurs when the game starts “normally” but does not run completely. Since once it starts, it only runs or reaches the menu while listening to the background song. You will realize that it is an error because, in addition to this, pop-up windows will appear indicating script errors.

How To Fix Frets on Fire memory Error Windows 10?

To Frets on Fire Windows 10 Fix and to help users enjoy their game, certain steps will be recommended. These will help you fix the error in question and play with peace of mind without the problem occurring again.

Step 1: The first thing you should do is open a “Run” window  pressing Windows +R Key where you should place the command “% Appdata% / Frets on Fire /” and then press enter.

go to Run dialogue box and type the following code

Step 2: Two files will appear once the user has completed the previous step, which is named “fretsonfire.log” and “fretsonfire.ini.”

remove the fretsonfire.ini completely to Fix Frets on Fire Memory Error Windows 10

Step 3: You should make sure to remove the “fretsonfire.ini” completely, as it may be the file that is causing the error.

Fix Frets on Fire memory Error Windows 10

Step 4: Once you delete the corresponding file, you must close all the windows to reinstall Frets on Fire.

When you have completed all the steps described, you should normally play without major complications, and the error is occurring again. You should also look at the version of the Frets on Fire that you are using since the most recent ones are the ones that have presented the most failures.

Method 2: Uninstall and Then Reinstall Frets on Fire

Another good way to fix the Frets on Fire Error is to uninstall Frets on Fire completely. When you have done this, you will need to make sure to remove the file “fretsonfire.ini,” which may be lagging somewhere to reinstall it. They look like the same steps, except that this option is a bit more straightforward than the steps outlined above.

You should no longer worry about the Frets on Fire Memory Error Windows 10 because you can enjoy it by following any of these steps.

Final Thought

To enjoy the game without Frets on Fire memory error Windows 10, must fix as it is common. Usually, this error is presented to different users, which can be very tedious and generate some annoyance.

However, it will not be necessary for the user to worry more about the said error since it can be solved quickly without a problem.

The main error is based on the file “frestsonfire.ini,” so it is necessary that if the frets on fire memory error appear, Windows 10 delete it.

In this way, you will be ensuring that once you reinstall the game, the same thing will not happen again and that it can be run normally.

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