How to Disable Google Play Services – Here Is How

Google Play Store is indeed a crucial part of the Android operating system. With the Google play store services, you can update Google apps like Google Map, Gmail, Chrome, Drive, and many more. Google play services consume your device’s battery life; thus, most people intend to uninstall or disable it.

As we know, the Google Play Service is set up by default on every Android and linked with the OS. It controls SMS, Google applications, and access information as well. Even then, if you wish to uninstall the service, read out below context about how to disable google play services

How to Disable Google Play Services

Google Play service may not be disabled in every smartphone because it is installed by default. In this section, we’ll explain some authentic methods that can be worked to disable Google services. So, let’s have a look and execute a procedure that will be trouble-free for you.

how to disable Google Play service

1.Disable Google Play Service from Setting App

From your setting application, you can disable Google Play Services with ease. To learn how to do it, follow the below direction where we have illuminated the procedures.

Step 1: First, navigate to the “Setting” app on your device.

 “Setting” app

Step 2: Press on the “Apps” option from below.

“Apps” option

Step 3: Find “Google Play services” and then press on the “Disable” option.

Google Play services

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2. Uninstall Google Play with Dr. Fone

If you can’t disable Google service by executing the above method then root your phone first with Dr.Fone, a third-party software. Follow the instructions below to see how we have done it.

Step 1: Download the software from its official site and then install it on your device.

Download the software

Step 2: Once it is installed on your device, launch it and then connect your device.

nstalled on your device

Step 3: Wait a moment until your connected device is automatically detected.

connected device is automatically

Step 4: As soon as your device is rooted out, you will notice a “Root Now” option below and tap on it to proceed.

“Root Now”

Step 5: This application will root your device within a while. If the process is accomplished, you will notice a screen like this.

root your device

Step 6: After getting rooted your device, download “System App Removal” from the play store.

System App Removal

Step 7: Open the application on your device and then select “Google Play service.” Now press on the “Uninstall” option.

Google Play service

What will Happen if you Uninstall or Disable Google play?

If you disable or uninstall Google’s services, you may face some issues on your Android device. The first thing that will confront is, you can’t upgrade your device’s application. Apart from this, you will face network issues, SMS problems, app crashing, and many more. Your device applications that are connected to Google can’t work appropriately as well.

If you uninstall the service, you can’t use the Google Maps service and locations API too. In a word, Android device functionality is mostly dependent on the Google play services. So, we recommend, if you notice, it consumes battery life, then disables it first by executing the mentioned process & see if you confront any issues or not. If there is a problem without it, then enable it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have conferred answers to some questions that we often asked about Google play services.

Why can’t I disable Google Play services?

Follow the directory to disable Google plays service; follow the directory, Setting>Apps>Google Play Service>Disable> Ok. If this process can’t disable, then navigate to the Setting>Security>Device Administrators> Disable Android Device Manager.

Why does Google Play services keep popping up?

It sometimes happens due to outdated versions of it. To fix the issue, clear the Google Play Service cache or uninstall the Update of Google play services.

Why do I get Google Play services errors?

Downloading unsound apps from unauthentic sources can be the principal reason for Google play service error.

Final Thought

We have illustrated in the above how to disable google play services. By executing the procedures as we pointed up above, you can disable or uninstall the Google Play Service. Before uninstalling the Google play services, keep in mind that you will confront several internal issues on your Android device. Besides, you won’t get any updated notifications of apps that are installed on your device.  

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