How to Fix 5000 Content Not Available Twitch? [7 Method]

Twitch, one of the most leading American live streaming services that prominently  focus on Video Game Live streaming including Esports competition’s broadcast. Apart from that, it is used for broadcasting Video, Music, Shows, & other entertainment content as well.

Twitch provides a smooth & user-friendly interface; thus, anyone can easily create an account to use. But, recently a significant number of users claimed that they get a pop up message “500:Content Not Available” on twitch & can’t fix it anymore.

Considering that, we have found out some solutions that are very effective to solve the content unavailable problem. So, you don’t need to get tensed thinking about How to Fix 5000 Content Not Available Twitch. Apply one of the methods that we are going to describe & fix the error out.

Reason for Content Not Available Twitch

There are several reasons behind the “Content Not Available Twitch” problem.  Here we have pointed out some of the most common causes that lead to the issue. Let’s check them out.

  • Due to DNS issues, you might confront this error
  • Browser cache & cookies can be the prominent reason for Error 500 Twitch
  • It can be happened because of some troublesome add-ons or extension
  • sometimes you may face the error due to slow internet connection
  • Make sure that your Twitch is not down if you keep getting error 500

How to Fix 5000 Content Not Available Twitch [Step by Step]

Getting errors on-screen while streaming Twitch can lead to a seriously annoying issue. Among different errors, 5000 Content Not Available on Twitch is one of the major error problems. It also contains problems like, crashing, buffering, sign in, etc. So if you want to get rid of Twitch-related issues, we are here to help. We have listed some useful solving processes that may help you out to get rid of the error.

How To Fix 5000 Content Not Available Twitch

Method 1: Clearing Cookies and Cache

Generally, cookies and cache are stored by websites and apps, and it helps to reduce loading time. However, this cache can be corrupted, or there may be conflicts in that. By clearing cookies and cache, you can troubleshoot this error issue.

Step 1  Start with launching your web browser, & click on the Menu Bar located in the upper right corner. Here we will show the process with Chrome browser.

Start with launching your web browser, & click on the Menu Bar located

Step 2 Here, from the submenu select the “More tools” option and select “Clear Browser Data.” Or you can simply press “Ctrl+Shift+Delete” together, and the “Clara Browning Data” window will appear on your screen.

press “Ctrl+Shift+Delete” togethers

Step 3 –  Now select the “Advanced” option and select “All Time” from the time range drop-down box.  After that, Tick on the “Cookies and Cache Option”, then click  on the “Clear Data” option below.

Method 1- Clearing Cookies and Cache

Now restart the browser or refresh the Twitch page to check if the problem is fixed or not. If this method does not work, follow other steps to troubleshoot it.

Method 2: Enable Flash in Your Web Browser

Mainly, flash is a player that helps to view stream video, audio, and different multimedia. It is a plugin that allows you to hear and share audio and video content on Chrome or on your browser. Most Google Chrome users face different errors while surfing Twitch, and by enabling it, this error can be resolved. Enable Flash in your browser by following the below steps.

Step 1  Launch the Chrome and select “Settings” from the menu bar.

Step 2 Now scroll down the “Settings” window to find out the “Site Settings” option and click on it.

How to Fix 5000 Content Not Available Twitch? [7 Method] 1

Step 3   Scroll down and select the “Flash” option.

How to Fix 5000 Content Not Available Twitch? [7 Method] 2

Step 4   Now toggle off the “Ask First” option. After that, reload the Twitch page to check if the problem is perfectly fixed or not.

Method 3: Disable Unwanted Browser’s Extensions

We use several Extensions on our web browser for many purposes that can also create Twitch issues. Because some of them come up with bugs that can interrupt video playback during streaming on Twitch. To know how to disable unwanted extensions, follow the below steps.

Step 1 Launch your Chrome browser, click “More Tools,” and select “Extensions.” Or you can simply type chrome://extensions/ on the search bar, and the Extensions window will appear on your screen.

Method 3- Disable Unwanted Browser’s Extensions

Step 2   Now, disable the unwanted & unnecessary extensions, or remove them by clicking on the “Remove” option below.

Method 3- Disable Unwanted Browser’s Extensions

Step 3  Once you have completed this, restart your browser and see whether the error has been resolved or not.

Method 3: Flush Your DNS

The DNS is used to translate the IP address and it lets the websites load Internet resources. You can say this is the method to stay connected with all types of websites. But if the DNS is corrupted, then it can lead to serious issues. To flush your DNS, you need to follow the steps.

Step 1  Launch the “Command Prompt.” by pressing “Windows+R” keys, and type “cmd” and press “Ctrl+shift+enter” together.

Method 4- Flush Your DNS

Step 2  Now type “ipconfig/flushdns“ and hit enter on the Command Prompt window.

ipconfigflushdns“ and hit enter on the Command Prompt window

Step 3  After that, you will see this message – “Successfully Flushed the Dns Resolver Cache.”

How to Fix 5000 Content Not Available Twitch? [7 Method] 3

Step 4   Go to your browser and try to play a video on Twitch and see if the error is resolved or not.

Method 4: Switch to a Different Browser

When none of these above methods work for you, then try to change the web browser. Sometimes by changing the browser, you can troubleshoot different browsers or website-related issues.

Method 5: Tweak Some Settings on OBS

OBS is a very useful and popular software that lets users record and stream live video. You might have experienced 5000 content not available error issues. It happens when you do not set the bitrate or keyframe-interval perfectly. So you need to modify them, follow the below processes.

Step 1 At first, tap on the “File” menu that is located in the top-left corner and select “Settings.”

How to Fix 5000 Content Not Available Twitch? [7 Method] 4

Step 2   Now go to the “Output” option and set the output mode as “Advanced.”

Step 3  Now enter “2” in the “Keyframe Interval” option.

Step 4  You also need to set the “Bitrate” to “6200.” After changing, now click ok.

Method 6- Tweak Some Settings on Obs

Method 6: Create a New Account

If none of the above methods helps you to solve the Twitch error issue, try to create a new account. Because when none of the above-mentioned methods works, then your account may have some fault issue. So without wasting your time, just create a new account and enjoy the amazing streaming world.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have given answers to some questions that we are frequently asked by many more twitch users.

Why Are Twitch Streams Temporarily Unavailable?

It can happen for two reasons. Maybe your network system has any problem or because of not having enough bandwidth between the Twitch and ISP.

How to Fix Error 1000 on Twitch?

If you wish to fix error 1000 on twitch, then try to clear cache and cookies from your browser. Also, try to update or restart your browser.

Why Do I Keep Getting Error 4000 on Twitch?

Error 4000 on Twitch occurs due to multiple attempts to stream twitch on an old version of a web browser. To avoid the problem, always stream twitch from the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or explorer.

Final Thought

Twitch is an exciting video streaming website that will give you a seamless streaming and watching experience. But it will give you a very irritating and annoying experience if it shows any error while streaming. Most users claim that nowadays they often face error issues like 5000 content not available. Regarding that, in this article, we described How to Fix 5000 Content Not Available Twitch. You just need to follow the above steps to solve this error issue. All the methods are effective and well proved to fix this Twitch error.

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