How to Fix the PlayStation Error Code WS-37432-9 [Solved]

You may get some error codes while playing games on your PlayStation, and Error WS-37432-9 is one of them. This error code can be confronted by any user, and the good news is it is resolvable. You just need to know the authentic solution regarding it.

There are a huge number of articles you’ll get on the internet on How to Fix the PlayStation Error Code WS-37432-9, but very few of them have covered the right solution on account of the problem.

Keeping this fact in our mind, we have come up with some effective solutions that will help you to fix the problem you are getting. So, without any further ado, let’s get started

Reasons Behind The PlayStation Error Code WS-37432-9

WS 37432-9 PlayStation Error can occur due to a weak internet connection or if your connection gets disconnected while you are playing. When this problem happens, users can’t use their application or surf the internet on their console. There are some causes of Error Message WS-37432-9.

  • If the PSN server is down
  • Due to the weak internet connection
  • Inaccurate DNS settings

How To Fix PS Error WS-37432-9 [The 5 Efficacious Solutions]

In this segment, we have illustrated the 5 different methods to solve the problem. Hopefully, you’ll find the solutions useful to fix the PlayStation Error Code WS-37432-9.

How To Fix PS Error WS-37432-9 [The 5 Efficacious Solutions]

Method 1: Restart Your PlayStation 4


To fix all the bugs and errors of your PlayStation error, we recommend restarting your PS first. A restart can solve internet connectivity and the WS-37432-9 as well. To restart your PlayStation 4, follow the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Hold and long-press the “PS Button” on your controller
  • Step 2: Select “Power
  • Step 3: Go for the “Restart PS” option and your PS will reboot shortly
  • Step 4: Once the restart is done, run the browser and check the error code is fixed

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Method 2: Check PlayStation Network Status

If you get the error code 37432-9 on your PlayStation, you need to check the PlayStation Network first. Here is how to check PSN status.

Check PlayStation Network Status

  • Step 2: Select country and then press “Next” to see the service status
  • Step 3: If the service issue is fixed, don’t forget to check system software updates
  • Step 4: And, if the site can’t load, that means you have an internet connection problem.

Method 3: Change DNS Settings

Inaccurate DNS settings may cause PlayStation WS-37432-9. Here is how to change DNS settings on PS.

  • Step 1: Go to “Settings
  • Step 2: Select “Network Settings”
  • Step 3: Choose “View Connection Status

Choose View Connection Status

  • Step 4: Write down “IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway
  • Step 5: Press on the “Set Up Internet Connection
  • Step 6: Choose the internet connection you are using
  • Step 7: Select “Custom
  • Step 8: Click on the “IP Address Settings
  • Step 9: Select “Manual

Select “Manual”

  • Step 10: Write “” as a primary DNS
  • Step 11: As a secondary DNS, enter “” to match the
  • Step 13: Press “OK” to save the change

set as a primary DNS and set As a secondary DNS

  • Step 14: Reboot your PS and check if the problem is solved

Method 4: Check for System Software Updates

Updating your PS System Software, you can fix the Error Code WS-37432-9 PlayStation. You can check the system software by following the steps below.

  • Step 1: Navigate to your PS home screen
  • Step 2: Go to “Settings” and select “System Software Update
  • Step 3: If there are any updates, choose “Next” and then “Update

Updating your PS System Software

  • Step 4: Once the updates are downloaded, you will a notification
  • Step 5: Choose “Download” to install the download updates
  • Step 6: Restart your PS and check of the error code is fixed

Solution 5: Power Cycle Your Router

Power cycling your router can also fix the Error Code WS-37432-9 Browser on PS. Follow the steps below to power cycle your router.

  • Step 1: Turn off your router
  • Step 2: Pull out the power cable from the power switch

Power Cycle Your Router

  • Step 3: Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and plug it back again
  • Step 4: Now check whether the browser for PS is working properly

Final Verdict

The PS Error WS-37432-9 is a common problem that can happen anytime due to several reasons. If you get the error, don’t get panicked as it is resolvable. You just need to execute the right solutions. We have described the 5 effective solutions regarding How to Fix the PlayStation Error Code WS-37432-9. Hopefully, after any of the methods, you can simply solve it without any professional help.

Even then if you find them challenging to apply, you can Contact the PS Support or can comment below. Our expert team will reach you and give you the right solution.

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