How to Log Out of Mail on Mac – Here Is How In 2021

We are ofttimes asked how to log out of mail on mac because logging out from Mac is comparatively difficult. Mac operating system is not similar to the others; that’s why users confront difficulties while logging out. Even so, by executing some easy strategies, you can carry out this.

In this context, we have conferred two particular methods that will surely aid you in logging out mail on Mac. Even if you are a new user, by executing our mentioned steps, you will be up to resolve this problem. So, have a view of these procedures and grab one that will be consistent for you to relate.

How to Log Out of Mail on Mac

As we earlier mentioned,  by grabbing two individual ways, you will be up to fix it. So, if you intend to log out from a specific email address on Mac, follow the below directions.

How to Log Out of Mail on Mac - Here Is How In 2021 1

Log out by Using Mail Application

From the Mail app of Mac, you can easily log out specific email addresses. Follow the below direction to know how we have done it.

Step 1: launch the Email application of your Mac device. To open it, double-click on the app icon.

launch the Email application

Step 2: After getting opened, press on the “Mail” option from the menu bar.

press on the “Mail”

Step 3: After clicking on the “Mail,” you will see a number of options from the select “Preference.”

 clicking on the “Mail,”

Step 4: Now, select “Accounts,” and your logged accounts will appear on the left side. To log out, Untick on the “Enable this Account” option.

select “Accounts,”

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Log-out by Unchecking Mail

By unchecking Mail, you can log-out your account from Mac operating systems. To know how to do it, check out below, where we have illustrated through images.

Step 1: Open the “Mail” app on your device first by clicking on its icon.

Open the “Mail” app

Step 2: Now press on the “Mail” option from the above menu bar.

press on the “Mail”

Step 3: After clicking on the Account option, a pop-up window will appear. From the new Window, select Email account from the left side and then “Untick” beside the “Mail” option.

“Untick” beside the “Mail” option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have conferred answers to some questions that are related to the Mail on Mac. If you have any questions, check out below; perhaps you can get a solution.

How to sign out of outlook email on Mac?

To sign-out of outlook on Mac, first, open the mail app and follow the directory “Mail>Preference>Accounts.” Now press on on the Outlook account and untick on the “Enable this Account” option. 

How do you close Mail on a Mac?

By pressing on three different keys, you can close mail on Mac. Press on the  “Option+Command+Escape(Esc). By  clicking on the “Quit” option from the upper left corner, you can close mail as well.

How Can I add a Mail Account on Mac?

Follow the directory to add mail account on Mac Mail>Add account>Select Mail. Now provide the Email Id and Password that you wish to add.

Final Thought

We have illuminated in the above how to log out of mail on mac. Executing any of the methods as we aforementioned,  you can  easily sign-out of mail from your Mac operating system. However, if you confront any difficulties to log-out Mail on Mac, let us know by dropping your comments below.

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