How To Make VR Lenses Without Lens In 2024

Indeed, purchasing a VR lens is expensive, and a huge number of people can’t afford it. By executing some consistent strategies, you can make VR lenses.

But keep in mind that VR lenses that are made by hand don’t always produce appropriate results. Whether it works or not, we can try, can’t we?

As we mentioned above, buying VR lenses is expensive, so you will be up to save money if you make it at home. Apart from these facts, making new things always gives us pleasure and increases our confidence.

So why are you getting late?  Let’s see How to Make VR Lenses without a lens with some handy materials.

What’s I Needed to Make VR Lenses?

To make or experience something new at home, you must need some elements, right? As usual, for making VR Lenses, you need some material but don’t need a huge number of costly substances. The elements you need to make VR lenses will get at your nearest shop or even at your home. Look at the below substance’s list that is required for making Homemade Virtual Reality Goggles.

  1. Clear plastic water bottle with no scratch
  2. Glue
  3. Trimmer
  4. Cardboard
  5. Foam
  6. Clean Water

If all the materials have been accumulated, now let’s move to the main object below where we have shown How to Make a Lens at Home with some effective steps.

How To Make VR Lenses Without Lens(Step by Step)

We are now in the final stage, where we’ll demonstrate How to Make VR Lenses without a lens. Before making it, don’t speculate that it’s too tough to accomplish. Just execute the methods that we are going to illuminate below. So, lets kick-off.

Make Vr Lenses Without Lens

Step 1: Accumulate All Elements

For making something new, you must gather all the materials that are related to that thing. So, first, accumulate the materials that we listed above. All the things that you need to gather are a clear plastic bottle, trimmer, glue, clean water, and cardboard.

How To Make VR Lenses Without Lens - Accumulate All Elements To Make VR Lenses Without Lens

Step 2: Cut Lenses from Plastic Bottles

Take a clear water bottle that holds no scratches, especially in the upper part. A full plastic bottle is not mandatory in this project, just the upper part that is curved. Now cut four same circular templates by executing the bottle’s cork. Look at the below picture to understand.

Cut Lenses from Plastic Bottles To Make VR Lenses Without Lens

Step 3: Prepare Lenses

After cutting four circular templates, you have to prepare them. To prepare the lenses, bind two circles at once with glue. Ensure that you are using glue guns to affix the verge and keep tiny holes to pour water.  Once water is filled, seal that tiny hole with gum. Now a question may arise: how do I perceive whether it is an ideal lens or not?  Well, if you don’t notice any bubbles in water, that means it’s a perfect one.

Prepare Lenses To Make VR Lenses Without Lens

Step 4: Prepare a Box

In the fourth stage, you have to make a box that will create virtual reality. First, select a larger box than your smartphone and trim two rectangular and two circle holes on the box. Fix the prepared lenses on the holes with glue guns.

Prepare a Box To Make VR Lenses Without Lens

Step 5: Making a Mask

We are in the last steps now  to accomplish the procedure. In this stage, you have to make a mask for your VR headset. To create it, take a foam substance and then trim it like a mask so that it can locate on your face appropriately. Cut two holes according to your eye measurement. Look at the below picture to prepare the mask.

Making a Mask To Make VR Lenses Without Lens

Frequently Asked Questions

In this segment, we usually accumulate some questions that we are often asked by many people. Consequently, some questions and their answers have been provided below that may help you out to get ideas about VR Lenses many more.

What is a Virtual Reality Headset?

It is a head-mounted device that confers Virtual Reality to the users. VR lenses are usually used while playing video games, but recently they are also used with other functions too, including Trainers and Simulators. They present individual pictures for each eyesight including stereo sound,  Motion Tracking sensor etc.

Which Lens Are Used in VR?

A major portion of people are curious to know which lens is used in VR. There are different types of lenses  available that can be used, but the most common lens that is used in VR is Fresnel Lenses. This type of lens is widely used due to its  compactness and lightweight.

What Elements Do You Need to Make a Magnifying Glass?

Making magnifying glass is simple, you just need to accumulate some materials that you’ll get at your nearest shop. The things that you should bring are, Plastic Bottle with a rounded top, Circular Lid, Marker Pen, Scissors, and Water.

Final Thought

Making VR Lenses at home is  not as difficult as you think, but it is a matter of time and you need to keep patients while making it. We have demonstrated How to Make VR Lenses without lens in the above.

By executing the procedure as we illustrated, you will be up to make it hassle-free. You have to remember that you won’t get a similar result in hand made VR lenses like a purchasable one.

However, if you confront any difficulties while making VR lenses, let us know in the comment section.

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