How to Fix Invalid Sim Card Android [11 Effective Solutions]

Sim cards are a type of computer chip that holds information and allows users to connect with their network. By placing it on the phone, you can make calls, send or receive messages, and connect with the internet. But sometimes, when we insert a sim on the phone, our phone shows a pop-up message like – invalid sim card android.

If you are also experiencing the same error issue and want to know how to fix invalid sim card android. Continue reading the article and find out some effective solution to fix the issue.

What Is An Invalid Sim?

When you see an invalid sim error message on your phone, it means the sim or your phone has some issues. The problem is stopping the sim from detecting on your phone. It can happen for many reasons. Here we have included some of the possible reasons to see invalid sim card android. The most common reason can be not inserting the sim card correctly.  When your sim card is not activated, then also you will face an invalid sim card issue.

How to Fix Invalid Sim Card Android

It’s very annoying when your phone can not recognize your sim card. This error can happen for so many reasons, and it is resolvable. Below we will guide you through a few effective steps to troubleshoot sim card errors. Check out all of them and see which method works for you.

How to Fix Invalid Sim Card Android

1. Restart Your Android Phone

Well, among many ways to solve invalid sim card android issues, restarting your phone is probably the easiest way. Maybe it is an old process but very effective to turn off and on the device again. It will fix normal issues, including phone lags, glitches, crashes, even a sim problem. When you restart your phone, it’ll completely refresh your android phone. Restarting your phone is one of the simplest tasks, and even then, below, we will guide you to perform it.

Step 1 – At first, press and deep hold your phone’s power button for 3 to 4 seconds.

Restart Your Android Phone

Step 2 – Now, you will see a pop-up window appear on the screen with different options, including “Restart.”

Step 3 – Simply tap on the “Restart” button and wait to complete the process.

Restart Your Android Phone

2. Remove the SIM Card And Battery

Removing the sim card and phone battery and putting it back again can troubleshoot the sim error issue. It will work perfectly if an error is the main cause of invalid sim card issues. Now for most of the phones, it’s not possible to remove the battery because of the non-removable battery system. But by simply taking out the sim, you can solve invalid sim card android. Here is the process that you can follow to remove a sim card.

Step 1 – Before starting, turn off your device.

Step 2 – Now, find out the sim card slot and use the sim ejection tool to pull out the sim tray.

Remove the SIM Card And Battery

Step 3- When the tray pops out, remove your sim card from the tray.

Step 4- Now carefully reposition the sim card in the tray by following the correct orientation.

Remove the SIM Card And Battery

Step 5- After that, place the sim tray properly and gently push it.

Step 6- Start your phone, and see if the issue is still visible or not.

3. Insert Valid SIM Card

Here is another reason to see an error message like – invalid sim card android. When you see any error message after inserting your sim, that means the sim card is having any problem. You can use two ways to check if the sim card is valid or not. First, simply turn off your phone and detach the sim card.

Then manually check if there is any problem or not. Another way is by using an extra phone. Insert the sim to another phone and check the sim card status. If you have the same pop-up message, then this sim card is not valid to use. Try a new sim card or follow the below-mentioned methods; that may work.

4. Clear Cache And Data On Android Phone

Sometimes cache can be the reason for creating several problems with your phone. When it’s about a sim card error message, then the cache can also be a reason. So you clean the cache data from your phone then see if the sim is working or not.By following below steps you can easily clean the cache in two ways.

Step 1 – Go to the “Settings “ option from your phone.

Step 2 – Select “Storage & USB” and tap on the “Storage Settings.”

Step 3 –  Tap on “Cached data.”

Clear Cache And Data On Android Phone

Step 4 –  At last, click ok. This will help you to resolve sim card error related issues.

5. Toggle Airplane Mode

The airplane mode is commonly used when traveling through a plane. This mode is very useful because it will save your device’s power too. Toggling down the airplane mode can help you to troubleshoot the sim card error issues. And trust me, it is an effective way to solve network-related matters. However, it’s very easy to toggle airplane mode, for your convenience, below we will show you the exact process.

Step 1 – Pull down the notification bar or panel from your phone. Or you can manually find it by following the path – Settings > More network > now tick the airplane mode.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Toggle Airplane Mode

Step 2 – After that, you may or may not see a warning message. It depends on the android version.

Step 3 – Wait for 30 seconds and click again on the airplane mode to turn it off.

Step 4 – After that, the device will start searching for a network, which will help solve the error issue.

6. Select Correct Network Operator

Are you facing sim card error issues after inserting it on your phone? Well, most people come across the same problem because of not choosing the correct network operator. Select the wrong operator can cause invalid sim card android issues. When you choose the wrong network mode, your device fails to choose the proper network. So the best thing you can do is set your network mode to “Automatic” mode. Here the process to select the auto mode.

Step 1 – First, choose the “Setting” option from your phone and select “Wireless & networks.”

Select Correct Network Operator

Step 2 –  Next, select “Mobile network” and then tap on “Carrier.”

Select Correct Network OperatorSelect Correct Network Operator


Step 3 –  From here, toggle on the “Automatic” option.

Select Correct Network Operator

Step 4 – This process will take a little time, and it will automatically select a perfect network for your device. Or you can also try the manual option too.

7. Use Phone in Safe Mode

Some of the third-party apps can contain bugs, and it can cause sim card errors. So you can check if there are any conflicts in your installed apps by putting your phone in a safe mode. By running your phone into Safe mode, you can troubleshoot sim card error problems. Here is how you can enable or enter the safe mode from your phone.

Step 1 – Deep-down press the power button of your phone until you see “Turn Off” on the screen.

Step 2 – Then tap on the “Power Off” button for 2 to 3 seconds.

Step 3 – When you will see a new window that appears on the screen named “Reboot to safe mode,” click “OK” from there.

Use Phone in Safe Mode

Step 4 – Now, check if the sim card is working or not. If it works, then find out to uninstall the recently installed app.

8. Enter Network APN Settings Manually

If all the above processes do not work, it can also happen that your sim has completely lost connection with the network. And because of this, you will see invalid sim pop-up messages. Try to solve this problem manually by entering the APN network settings factory on your phone.  So now we will show you the process to set the network’s APN settings manually.

Step 1 – Go to the settings option and select “Wireless & network.”

Enter Network APN Settings Manually

Step 2 – From here, select “Mobile network” and select “Access Point Names (APNs).”

Enter Network APN Settings Manually


Step 3 – Click on vertical three dots at the top-right corner and select “New APN.”

Enter Network APN Settings Manually

Step 4 – Before that, contact the network provider to get the necessary APN settings information.

Step 5 –  Place all information perfectly and tap on the tick option. After that, restart your phone.

Enter Network APN Settings Manually

9. Do Factory Reset of Your Android Phone

Factory reset is also a useful way to solve this error. It will remove everything from your phone, and it will be like having a new phone with all default settings. Factory reset will help you solve sim card related issues. But before doing it, do not forget to create backup files of your phone’s current data. You can easily perform this from your phone by following the below steps.

Step 1 –  To change any setting option, you have to go to the “Settings.”

Step 2 –  Then select the “System” option from below and click on “Reset.”

Do Factory Reset of Your Android Phone

Step 3 –  From the “Reset” option, click on “Reset Phone” and tap on “Reset Phone.”

Do Factory Reset of Your Android PhoneDo Factory Reset of Your Android Phone

Step 4 – The phone system will ask you to confirm it and click “RESET PHONE” to start the procedure.

Do Factory Reset of Your Android PhoneDo Factory Reset of Your Android Phone

Step 5 – After completing the reset process, your phone will restart automatically.  Hopefully, this will solve the invalid sim card issue.

10. Buy a New Sim Card

Try to purchase a new sim card and insert it on your phone. If you see the new sim card is working well, it confirms that the old one has problems. So try out a new sim card to get rid of sim card error messages.


Now you know a lot of techniques to fix or troubleshoot invalid sim card android issues. It is not a new type of error if you’re facing it. Because most phone users have already experienced the same error problem.

So just follow the above methods to fix sim-related issues, it will also save money and time. All the mentioned solutions are combined with an effective way to ensure you’ll get the expected result. We hope you find this article helpful, and if you have any queries, please let us know in the comment box.

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