How to Solve Please Configure Android SDK Error?

Learn how to solve the Please Configure Android SDK message when it appears on your computer. If you want to install extra tools on your mobile with android SDK, but for some reason, the process stops, that means it happens due to Android SDK Configure.

This problem in the android configuration is rare, but it does not go out of the range of what is possible and more when you use it in Windows 10.

For the error: Please Select Android SDK, several solutions exist that you can try to resolve. But the problem is that all the solutions don’t work properly. In this write-up, we have provided a number of solutions that will surely help you out.

How to Fix Please Configure Android SDK Error?

As we mentioned above, the Please Configure Android SDK in Flutter problem is not typical. It rarely can happen on your device. But, the good news is, the problem is solvable and you can easily fix it on your own.  For that, you just have to execute some effective methods that we have demonstrated below.

How to Fix Please Configure Android SDK Error

Solution 1:  Try Different Method on Android Studio

Performing different methods on Android Studio, you can fix it up without confronting any difficulties. Here is the step-by-step guideline.

Step 1: You have to open the Original Android Sdk Project on Your Computer

Step 2:  Access the Android Studio in another window

Step 3: With these two accesses ready, you can successfully open the log car project for flutter without problems.

Solution 2: Change the Settings

Changing Settings can help you to remove the SDK Error problem on your device. We have shown the entire guideline below.

Step 1: Open the flutter project in the Android Studio

Step 2: Click on the “File” and then on the “Project Structure

Step 3: Select the “Project Window” and “Settings

Step 4: On your home screen, you will see the NO SDK Message underlined in “Red” in the SDK project area

Step 5: You have to expand the menu and locate the “API” that you had previously installed. An example API is the android platform API 28.

Step 6: You must click on “Accept”, and automatically, the logcat should work fine.

Hopefully, and applying the steps correctly, you will not see the Please Configure Android SDK Logcat Flutter message again. This method is the simplest for you to configure the android SDK from flutter without much trouble.

Solution 3: Download JAVA JDK

The Please Configure Android SDK in Android Studio 3.1 2 solution is to download a new JDK and configure it. Follow the below steps to perform the solution to fix the issue.

Step 1: Search online for a refreshing Java JDK and Download It free of charge

Search online for a refreshing Java JDK and Download It free of charge

Step 2: Accept the Java License after downloading it and proceed with the installation.

Accept the Java License after downloading it and proceed with the installation.

Step 3: You need to wait a few minutes for the new JDK to integrate into java and allow you to solve the bug in android.

You have to download a JDK That Corresponds to Your X32 or X64 Bit Operating System, depending on the pc you have in hand. If you make a mistake in your operating system’s bit capacity, the new JDK will not work.

Solution 4: Change Java Settings

Another frequent Inability to Locate Android Sdk is when the JDK is installed but is not detected by the operating system. The steps you must follow to change the JDK configuration from undetectable to discoverable.

Step 1: Go to the Local Disk [C Drive] of your computer

Step 2: You must access Program Files

Step 3: Enter Java

Step 4: Enter jdk.1.7.0_09

Step 5: Access Bin

Step 6: In the bin folder, you have to locate and select “javac.”

Step 7: Selecting the javac, you will activate the JDK for the next executions of Android SDK

It is a very good method in which you will never see the message of Please Configure it Using the Android SDK Manager on your pc. You can take a few minutes of your time to do this very effective solution.

What Is Please Configure Android SDK Error?

The Android SDK Is Not Configured for the Module error occurs due to a bad link between your computer and mobile phone. Here we have given a list of reasons that lead to the problem being shown on your device.

  • Problems in your operating system
  • Java out of date
  • Bad device pairing

Why Did it Happen?

The Logcat Configure SDK failure usually happens for many reasons, but among the most frequent are:

  • Outdated flutter
  • API not functional
  • JDK corrupted
  • The JDK installer does not work

There are four common causes you don’t have access to android SDK to use all your device tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about the Please Configure Android SDK message on your pc, such as:

Why Does Android Sdk Unlink So Fast?

This problem frequently occurs because installed packages expire or unbinding occurs with the Windows firewall.

Does Android SDK Problem Occur on All Operating Systems?

Yes, the android SDK problem occurs in all operating systems due to the reasons that we have demonstrated above.

What Is the Best Method to Fix the Android Problem?

The best method that you can apply to solve the android SDK bug is to download a new JDK because it gives very good results.

How Frequent Is the Android SDK Problem?

The android SDK problem can only happen once because it will not fail again when you update the drivers.

Do I Need a Network Connection to Update the SDK to a New One?

Yes, you need a network connection to update the current and damaged SDK with a completely new one.

Final Thought

Now, you will be up to solve the Please Configure Android SDK problem by applying some basic methods on your computer that we have given above. You can get your android tool to work by updating the SDK, changing the installer, or other things. Do not waste time uninstalling and reinstalling the Android SDK, and you only have to propose solving the faults of the current one.

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