How To Fix PSN Error WC-40329-8 (3 Useful Methods)

PlayStation error WC-40329-8 is a common issue that can be confronted by any user. But, the problem is very few users know how to solve the PSN Error WC-40329-8 because there are not many solutions regarding it on the internet. Keeping this fact in our mind, we have come up with a number of solutions that are effective & simple to execute.

If you are one of them who is getting the Error Code WC-40329 on your PlayStation, this article is for you. After reading the article, you’ll know why this problem occurs, and solve it on your own. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the main topic.

What Is PSN Error WC-40329-8?

When you see the error  WC-40329-8 that means, you will not be able to connect the PS4 with the network server. Before getting into the solution, you have to know why this problem happens and what triggers it to appear on the screen. Without knowing the exact reason, you can’t fix it.

What Is PSN Error WC-40329-8

We have given all the possible reasons and solutions regarding the error code 40329-8 here. This error appears when PlayStation Network is unavailable or the network server is under conservancy. None will be playing the game on PS4 if there is no PSN server.

What Causes PSN Error WC-40329-8?

In this segment, we have given a list of reasons for PSN Error WC-40329-8. Here they are.

  • Due to the unavailable server or PSN, or if it is under maintenance
  • If there is no internet connection or if it is not working
  • Because of an invalid card that you are trying to connect to PS4
  • The PS4 DNS is not working

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How To Fix PSN Error WC-40329-8 – 3 Useful Methods

So, we are in the main segment of the article where the 3 effective methods have been mentioned with simple words that you can execute with ease.

Solution 1: Check The PSN Server Status

If you get the error WC-40329-8 on your PS4, initially you need to inspect the PSN server’s status because, most of the time, the problem occurs when the PSN server is down. How to check the PSN server status? This question may come to your mind, right? Well, this status can be checked on the website

Check The PSN Server StatusAll service are up and ruining; Click on it, select the country, and then press “Enter.” Now you can see the status of your PSN server.

Solution 2: Check The Internet Connection

The PS4 Error WC-40329-8 can appear on your screen due to the weak internet connection. That’s why, if you get the error, check the internet connection if it is alright. If your internet speed is slow, you can restart your router or modem, or can contact your internet service provider to fix it.

Check The Internet Connection

Solution 3: Use The Real Payment Method

The maximum number of PSN users nowadays try to play the paid game for free and for that reason they use the virtual payment methods. It means they pay with the Virtual Credit Card [VCC] which is not supported on PlayStation. Consequently, the error WC-40329-8 occurs because of the invalid payment method.  To get yourself away from the error, use the real payment method.

Use The Real Payment Method

Final Thought

If you get the PSN Error WC-40329-8, you don’t need to get frustrated anymore as it is solvable. You just need to find out the reason behind it and then execute effective solutions. In this write-up, we have shown what causes the error code and its solution. The 3 useful solutions have been demonstrated throughout the article. You can execute any of the methods depending on the reasons for the problem.

However, hopefully, you have got the entire article simple. Even then if you find any difficulties, let us know in the comment section below.

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