How to Start Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode Windows 10

Safe mode is considered Windows’s basic state that enables you to use limited files and functions. If you experience any computer issues, you can start your laptop in safe mode, which is a special feature. You may ofttimes face several errors due to faulty drivers or hardware components; that time may need to start your device in safe mode.

We are oftentimes asked how to start safe mode windows 10 lenovo. Different laptop brands have their particular function for starting safe mode. In Lenovo Windows 10, you can start safe mode in several ways. In this text, we’ll discuss those procedures one by one.

How to Start a Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode Windows 10

As we said earlier, you can start safe mode on your Lenovo model laptop in a couple of ways. Follow the below instructions that will clarify how to boot lenovo in safe mode.

safe mode windows 10 lenovo

Use Shift + Restart

Follow the below steps for executing the process:

Step 1: Press on the “Windows+X” key on the keyboard.

Press on the “Windows+X” key

Step 2: Now, tap on the “Restart” under the “Power” option and hold the “Shift” Key.

Restart” under the “Power”

Step 3: Once the new window appears then select the “Troubleshoot” option below.

Troubleshoot” option

Step 4: You will see two different options under Troubleshoot and tap on the “Advanced Option.”

Advanced Option

Step 5: Choose  “Startup Settings” from the below right-side.

Startup Settings

Step 6: Now press on the below “Restart” option.

“Restart” option

Step 7: After the PC is restarted, there are a couple of options, and enter 4, F4, Or Fn+F4 (depending on-screen instructions) to boot safe mode. 

boot safe mode

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From Setting Option

If you can’t restart your laptop in safe mode with “Windows +X,” try to do it from the “Settings” option. Execute the instructions as we mentioned below to accomplish it.

Step 1:Press on the “Windows” button and then select “Setting” to open it. By pressing the “Windows+i” key, you can run the Setting option as well.

“Windows+i” key,

Step 2: Navigate to the “Update & Security” option below.

 “Update & Security”

Step 3: Click on the “Recovery” option from the below left-side.

 “Recovery” option

Step 4: From a new interface, tap on the “Restart” option “Advanced Startup.”

 “Restart” option “Advanced Startup.”

Step 5: After PC Restarts, follow the directory to start safe mode. “Choose An Option>Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings >Restart”.


Step 6: Enter “F, F4, Fn+F4” according to the instruction that will show. If your PC is connected to the internet connection, press “F or F5” to start networking safe mode.

Enter “F, F4, Fn+F4”

From the sign-in screen

From the sign-screen, you can enable Lenovo safe mode key with ease. Let’s see how we have done it.

Step 1: From the Sign-in screen, restart the PC and then hold the “Shift” key.

From the Sign-in screen

Step 2: After the PC restart, you will see the “Choose an Option” Window from their select “Troubleshoot.”

How to Start Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode Windows 10 1

Step 3: Now follow the directory “Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart”.

“Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart
“Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart
“Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart

Step 4: After getting restart, press “F, F4, or Fn+F4” for normal safe mode and press “F, or F5” for safe mode with network (According to Screen Directions).

restart, press “F, F4, or Fn+F4”

Start Safe Mode with the “Window+R” key.

This is contemplated as one of the simplest ways that you can execute to start safe mode. Below, we have illuminated how you can do it with the “Windows +R” key.

Step 1: First, press the “Windows+R” key at once on the keyboard.


Step 2: After opening the “Run” box, type “msconfig” and press “OK.”

“Run” box, type “msconfig”

Step 3: Click on the above “Boot” tab and then tick-mark on the “Safe boot” option and then “Apply.”

Safe boot

Step 4: A pop-up window will turn up on the display, and press on the “Restart” option to see changes.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have conferred below answers to some questions that will clarify if you have any queries about Lenovo safe mode.

How do I start my Lenovo laptop in safe mode?

Executing four different ways, you can boot the Lenovo laptop in safe mode. The easiest way is to press “Windows+R” then type “msconfig” and then select “Boot” tab and then “Safe Boot.”

How do I boot my Lenovo laptop into recovery mode?

Press on the “ Novo” button next to the Power button. Now use the “Arrow” key to choose “System Recovery” and press “Enter.”

How do I fix my laptop if it won’t boot?

If your laptop won’t boot, start with safe mode, check your battery, and then try malware scan.

Final Verdict

We have illustrated 4 respective ways to start safe mode windows 10 lenovo. Executing any of the procedures, you can easily boot safe mode. The procedure as we mentioned above, you can apply for Lenovo’s several brands. However, if you confront troubles while applying those methods, let us know in the comment section.

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