How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LC | Step by Step 2024

Samsung Error Code LC is a common phenomenon that usually appears on Dishwashers. Due to the error code, your dishwasher stops working, or can’t operate properly. There are a significant number of people who frequently confront this error code problem on Samsung Dishwashers.

If you are one of those who are Getting Error Code LC on Samsung Dishwasher, don’t get frustrated. This problem can be fixed following some simple procedures.

In this write-up, we have demonstrated what the error code LC means & Why it happens. Some effective methods also have been explained here that will definitely help you to fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LC without difficulties.

What Do You Know About the LC Code?

When the LC Code appears on the Samsung Dishwasher, it means the leak sensor of the unit is getting moisture or a water leak. If you want to clear the code, simply unplug the power cord for a couple of minutes & after that reset your dishwasher following its user manual book.

LC Codes on Samsung Dishwasher - what is it and how to fix

However, if the process doesn’t work, then try an additional way. Check whether your dishwasher has a faulty leak sensor, or has a water leak.

Fortunately, if you notice the problem is in the bottom pan that has moisture or is damp, that doesn’t mean there is a water leak. In that case, you just need to dry the bottom pan,

The First Thing That You Should Follow After Getting The Error Code LC

Initially, you have to check whether the Dishwasher is leaking water or not. To do it follow the below steps.

  1. Pull the dishwasher out from the counter top
  2. Extract the Metal Panel on the right side
  3. Now, you’ll get access to the drain pump to check if any visible leaks appear or not
  4. If you get water besides the drain pump that means it has a leak and its leads to Show the Error LC on Samsung

Some Issues That Causes The LC Error Code

In this segment, we have given some prominent reasons for Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LC Final that will make you comprehend much more about the issue.

  • If your Samsung Dishwasher has been recently installed or moved, moisture or water can locate into the leak sensor & lead to the error code.
  • Overfilling detergent on Samsung Dishwashers is another prominent reason as the machine can detect excess detergent and shows the error code LC.
  • LC error can also appear due to garbage disposals that are newly connected or installed to the dishwasher. In that case, you can simply remove the cap from the garbage disposals & remove the code.

Other Effective Processes To Fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LC

if you get the error code LC even after applying the install methods that we have given above, you should take help from a professional or can follow the alternative way to fix it.

Take The Power Off

disconnect all the power first before going to do anything. Unplug the Samsung Dishwasher from the wall and switch it off.

Extract Dishwasher From The Counter

If you notice under the counter, you’ll see the clips that are small & fixed with a number of screws that grip the dishwasher in place. Pull the screws out and low side the machine from the cabinets to have access to the bottom of it. Now, you have to turn the dishwasher on its side to confer the permission you require.

Extract Dishwasher From The Counter

Dry Water Inside the Dishwasher

You can fix the error code LC by drying the sensor and dishwasher pan with a dishcloth.

Place The Leak Sensor

If you still get the error code LC on your Samsung Dishwasher, you have to place the sensor on the unit’s bottom or in the drain pan. Once you find it, place it a few inches higher.

place the samsung dishwasher leak sensors

Get The Dishwasher Back In Place

The bottom panel should be replaced and secured on the machine. Put it back under the counter and alter the screws to re-secure it in place.

After accomplishing applying the processes as we provided, turn the power on and test the machine to inspect whether the code has been removed or not. Hopefully, the methods will work properly.

LC Error Code Samsung Is Similar To The LG Dishwasher Error Code OE?

This is one of the most common questions that we are usually asked by many more dishwasher users. Actually, the LG Error Code OE is a different issue that appears due to a water drainage problem on the dishwasher. On the other hand, Error Code LC occurs due to the leak sensor of the unit. So, never try to solve one problem by applying the other problem’s solution.

Final Verdict

If you are getting the error code LC on your Samsung Dishwasher, don’t be worried about it as it is a common phenomenon that is usually experienced by many more users. This problem is solvable and can be done with anyone without professional help.

In this context, we have shown how to fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LC with some simple but efficacious & proven ways. So, why are you getting late to fix it? Apply the procedures that have been mentioned above, & get rid of the problem. ,

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