7 Top Ways to Turn Off Service Host Delivery Optimization

Service host delivery optimization is a feature that the Windows 10 operating system has. But many times, this presents a problem because it uses almost all of your internet bandwidth.

Using network optimization of the service host will cause you to experience browsing problems that will be very annoying. Below you can learn more about this feature and how to solve the problem.

What Is Service Host Delivery Optimization?

Windows 10 service host delivery optimization is a feature where your computer can get updates or send updates to nearby machines or servers.

  • It is enabled by default in Windows 10 Pro and Home
  • Use a part of your bandwidth to download
  • You will be up to date with all the updates
  • Although it can be beneficial because you will get faster updates, you will also see an increase in your internet bill.
  • You can disable service host delivery optimization at any time

Top 7 ways to Disable Service Host Delivery Optimization

If you want to disable the service host delivery optimization network usage, you can follow the tips below:

Service Host Delivery Optimization

1. Background Download Check

Background download service is very important in speeding up your applications. Sometimes they can malfunction or cannot be synchronized correctly, and this causes high consumption of internet bandwidth. Checking these downloads can fix the problem.

Background Download Check

2. Disable Multi-Location Updates

As Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates can connect multiple devices, download updates quickly. This may cost you high disk usage, but you can fix it with a regular update. To change the method, you must follow these steps:

Disable Multi-Location Updates

Step 1: Press Windows key + S, and it will take you to the search bar.

Step 2: You must type in the search bar Windows Update settings.

Step 3: Then, you should look for the “Advanced Options.”

Disable Multi-Location Updates

Step 4: There will also be an option to “Pause updates.”

Disable Multi-Location Updates

Step 5: You can pause your updates for 35 days.

3. Edit Group Policy

Disabling service host delivery optimization is very important to save your internet. This process can often be a bit risky because changing policies without knowing them can damage your computer.

Edit Group Policy

You only need to change the policies mentioned below to avoid problems on your PC.

Step 1: Go to “Run.” or press windows + R

Edit Group Policy

Step 2: You must type the command “gpedit.MSC” (group edit). It will take you to a window with the usage policies

Edit Group Policy

Step 3: When you are within the use policies, you must click on “Computer Configuration.”

Step 4: After configuring the computer, click on “Administrative Templates.”

Edit Group Policy

Step 5: Open “Windows Components

Step 6: Then open “Delivery optimization” and find the option “Download mode” and open its properties

Edit Group Policy

Step 7: “Download mode” enable the policy and goes to the drop-down menu. Select Download Mode to skip.

Edit Group Policy

4. Disable Automatic App Updates In The Store

To avoid problems with service host delivery optimization, you can disable Windows Store updates. This store updates the background applications when there is a new update and does not need the user’s consent.

Disable Automatic App Updates In The Store

If you want to disable the updates of the Window store, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Windows search bar and type Store

Step 2: When you open the Microsoft store, you must click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

disable the updates of the Window store

Step 3: Click settings.

disable the updates of the Window store

Step 4: After searching for automatic update applications

Step 5: Now, you need to turn it off by clicking the Toggle button.

disable the updates of the Window store

5. Running Clean Boot

How do I permanently disable the service host? One of the ways is by running a clean boot. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the run box. You can type it in the search bar. Also press the windows + r button.

Step 2: Then type MSConfig in the Run dialog box and then click OK.

Running Clean Boot

Step 3: The System Configuration option will appear

Step 4: You must CLICK ON “Selective startup and uncheck Load startup items”

Running Clean Boot

Step 5: You must keep the Load system services option checked.

Step 6: Look for “Hide all Microsoft services” on the Services tab

Running Clean Boot

Step 7: This will allow only third-party services to run.

Step 8: Then, you need to click on “Disable all.”

Running Clean Boot

Step 9: Change the tab to StartUp and click “Open Task Manager.”

Running Clean Boot

Step 10: You will see services running like Steam, and you need to disable them all one by one. Then click accept

Running Clean Boot

6. Disable Allow Downloads From Other PCs

If you are always connected to a local network, your computer will download updates. Follow the steps below to disable it:

Step 1: You must go to Windows Update settings and open Advanced Options.

Step 2: Go to Delivery Optimization, and you will see “allow download from other PCs.”

Disable Allow Downloads From Other PCs

Step 3: Then deactivate by simply tapping the toggle button.

7. Limit Internet Speed

How to stop delivery optimization? You can try limiting your internet speed. It is also called a metered connection and is very useful when you have a limited data plan. To enable this metered connection, you must follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open the computer settings and go to the Network and Internet tab

Limit Internet Speed

Step 2: Click on Ethernet in the left corner

Step 3: Then you must enter the Ethernet configuration, and you will see the “Measured connection.” You must activate it by clicking on “Set as a measured connection.”

Step 4: You will have already enabled it successfully, and it will reduce your computer’s data usage

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, you can read the following frequently asked questions:

Should I disable delivery optimization?

Windows delivery optimization allows you to have updates automatically. But if you want to save your internet data, you can disable this function.

How do I know if delivery optimization is working?

It is simple. This function allows you to have your applications updated. If you notice that you have navigation problems and it becomes very slow, the delivery optimization is working.

How does Service Host Delivery Optimization work?

The delivery optimization allows you to have updates for Windows and applications from the Microsoft Store. You can also send updates from your computer to other computers on your local network.

What are the service host delivery optimization issues?

The most common problem is the failure of internet browsing. Also, if you have a limited plan, this function can leave you without an internet connection.

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