13 Proven Ways to Fix Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped In Android

The error message “Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped” is one of the most typical issues among Android users. This problem keeps users away from utilizing certain features and services.

a significant number of users get the error message frequently while using their phones, while a few others experience the issue when they open their device’s Settings options.

In this write-up, we have highlighted 13 effective & proven methods to solve the “Unfortunately Settings Have Stopped Android Phone” issue. So, stay tuned, keep reading & apply to get the problem out.

Why Does My Phone Keep Saying That Setup Has Stopped?

The reasons why your mobile device is throwing this error can be varied depending on how the operating system behaves. The important thing is that you can solve the problems without professional technical help. Here are the main causes why you see this error.

 Ways to Fix Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped In Android

Firmware Failures

Firmware failures may be the main cause of your phone settings error. Your Android mobile phone has many ROMs in its system that make up the operating system, and not all of them are good. Some ROMs may fail on the mobile, causing the Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Android

Google Play Update Without Compatibility

You have to see Google Play as the basis of your device, and if it is incompatible with the operating system, everything tends to fail. If you have an old mobile falling two steps behind the application, this can generate chain errors like Setting Has Stopped.

Low Cache Memory

The problem that you have with the “Settings” app on Android may be because the mobile has a low cache memory. If you have a device that is a few years old and you install current applications, this can consume a lot of resources. When the phone’s RAM improvement falls short with the App you use, an error will appear as a means of protection.

How To Fix Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped?

If you are wondering that How Do I Fix “Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Working” on Android, then we can suggest you follow one of the methods below that will help you out to fix the problem that you are confronting.

Method 1: Uninstall or Close Unused Apps

Due to the unavailability of adequate RAM, your Settings App Stops Working sometimes. Like the other applications of your phone, the Settings app consumes a certain amount of RAM to function properly. if too many apps are opened unnecessarily or installed on your device, they will take up RAM that causes Settings to not work or crash. In Android Device it is simple to uninstall apps. follow the steps below.

Step-1: Long press on the app that you want to Uninstall

Step-2: Now you’ll see the “Uninstall” option below & press on it

Step-3: You’ll ask for “Do You Want To Uninstall The App?” just press on the “OK” option and it will be uninstalled within a few seconds.

Uninstall Unused Apps To Fix Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped

Method 2:Wipe the Recovery Mode Cache Partition

You can clear the recovery mode cache partition with these steps to solve Settings Keep Stopping on Android phones.

Step-1: Turn off your phone first and then hold the “Volume up + Volume Down + Power Button” simultaneously.

Turn off your phone first and then hold the “Volume up + Volume Down + Power Button” simultaneously

Step-2: Android System Recovery option will come to your screen with several options instantly.

13 Proven Ways to Fix Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped In Android 1

Step-3: Select “Wipe Cache Partition” below using the Volume Down button. Wait a few minutes for the catch to be cleared.

Wipe the Recovery Mode Cache Partition

Step-4: After that, press on the “System Reboot Now” & your mobile will start rebooting within a few moments.

Method 3: Remove Settings’ Cache

Android Settings Keeps Stopping problem can be fixed by clearing Settings’ app cache. If you are not comprehending about accomplishing it, track down the steps below that we have given.

Step-1: Open the “Setting Menu” first & then select “Apps & Notification” below.

go to Setting Menu & then select “Apps & Notification”

Step-2:  You’ll see all the apps that have already been installed on your device. From there, select the “Settings” app.

select the “Settings” app

Step-3: Once the app is selected, press on the “Storage & Cache” option.

press on the “Storage & Cache” option

Step-4: Now, tap on the “Clear Cache” option.

tap on the “Clear Cache” option

Check the Settings app now to see whether the “Unfortunately Settings  Has Stopped” message still appears or not.

Methods 4: Force Stop Setting

Manually force-stopping the setting app can solve the Settings App Stopped problem. To execute the force stop on your Settings App, you can follow the steps that we have provided below.

Step-1: Go to the Settings menu of your Android Smartphone

Step-2: Select “Apps & Notification

Step-3: Choose the “Settings” app from the apps list

Step-4:  Now, tap on the “Force Stop” & press “OK

Force Stop Settings guide

Method 5: Clear Cache of Google Play Services

Sometimes, you may experience the Settings App Error due to the cache file of Google Play services. For that reason, we recommend deleting the cache of the Google Play Services. Here is the entire procedure to accomplish the task.

Step-1: Run the Settings Menu of your Android phone & select the “Apps” or “Apps & Notification” option depending on your device brand.

Clear Cache of Google Play Services

Step-2: All the apps will appear on your screen that has been stored on your device. Find “Google Play Services” and select it.

Find “Google Play Services” and select it

Step-3: Tap on the “Storage & Cache” option.

click on the “Storage & Cache” option

Step-4: Press on the “Clear Cache” option & it will take a couple of seconds to be accomplished.

Press on the “Clear Cache” option & it will take a couple of seconds to be accomplished

Method 6: Update Google Play Service

Settings app stop working frequently due to the outdated Google Play Services. Some Android users who previously experienced the problem informed us that, Updating Google Play Services can fix the issue. We have shown here how you can update the Google Play Services with ease.

Step-1: Go o the phone’s setting options and select “Apps

step-2: Choose the “Google Play Services” option

Step-3: Press on the “App Details” option below

Step-4: Now Google Play Services will open directly on Google Play Store

Step-5: If you see the “Update” option, then tap on it & the app will start updating

how to Update Google Play Service

Method 7: Factory Reset

After applying the 6 methods, if you still face the Settings App error problem, then Factory Reset is the last solution that you can execute. Remember that, while applying factory reset, all your data will be removed. That’s why we recommend having a backup of your important files & documents. Here is the procedure for Factory reset.

Step-1: Launch the Settings menu of your device

Step-2: Click on the “About Phone” option

Step-3: Choose “Reset

Step-4: Tap on the “Factory Data Reset

Step-5: You’ll ask for the password of your phone

Step-6: Press “OK” & your phone will start resetting & it will take a couple of minutes to be done.

how to do Factory Reset of andorid phone

Note: This process can vary from device to device. That’s why we suggest before factory reset, read the user manual of your device first and then apply the method.

Final Thought

Resolving Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Error on Android is not as difficult as you think. you just need to find out the effective ways to solve it. In the entire context, we have illustrated 7 methods that are effective & proven by many more Android users who have experienced the issue. If you are getting frustrated with the problem, just follow the processes as mentioned. Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed.

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