Where to Watch SK8 the Infinity?

SK8 is a production of Hiroko Utsumi’s newly released anime series, which is about these thrill-seeking school teenagers, obsessed with an underground skateboard race. SK8 is a must-watch anime. However, many anime streaming websites have been banned/blocked due to some unforeseen consequences. So people have been asking where to watch SK8 the infinity?

Because of its growing popularity among anime fans, it’s no wonder you would want to watch it for yourself. Well, look no further, here we’ll show you some cool new online streaming websites for anime movies and series, where you’ll be able to watch SK8 the infinity completely free.

What’s The SK8 The Infinity Is About?

The main character of SK8 infinity is Reki, who works at a local skate shop with his elder brother. One day he meets a foreign student named Langa, who’s transferred from Canada and had some previous experience with snowboarding.

Where to Watch SK8 the Infinity

After Langa’s dad died he comes to his mother’s hometown and starts looking for jobs to make some extra money. He finds a job in the same skate shop as Reki and saw him fooling around with a board. Langa finds skateboarding thrilling and instantly started training with Reki.

There’s a super secret deadly illegal underground skating competition called “S” that reiki and Langa get involved in. In this competition, they start competing with other skaters from all across the land, gathered in a no-holds-bar race to the bottom of an abandoned minefield.

To join the “S” race a skater must put in equal portions of wages to the opponent. Langa does exceptionally well on his first race and the story continues with Reke and Langa beating different skaters from all across the land.

Online Streaming Websites For SK8 The Infinity

The SK8 infinity is awesome anime, and in all honesty, it’s not surprising that you would want to join Reki and Langa’s skateboarding adventure throughout the series.Up until now, SK8 the infinity released only one season so far, and the season includes 12 episodes.

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Now the question is where to watch SK8 the infinity, right?  No worries we have listed down a few websites and proper guidelines to find and watch SK8 the infinity free.


Let’s begin with the AniMixPlay website, here you’ll find not only SK8 the infinity but also all old and new anime movies, and series with both sub and dubbed language. You’ll find the necessary instructions for locating the SK8 anime series below.

  • Go to the AniMixPlay website and locate the search at the top.

Let’s begin with the AniMixPlay website

  • There type SK8, the website will automatically show you the result. Click on your preferable version either subbed or

Here type sk8

  • After that, you can start watching the series on the website’s media player. You’ll find all available episodes listed below under the player.

You’ll find all available episodes listed below under the player and watch

Note– if you want to watch the series offline, you can download each episode separately. Unfortunately, as an online streaming website, it doesn’t allow you to download the whole series at once.


The gogoanimetv website is another anime-watching website on our list. On this website, you’ll find all of your desired anime series including SK8 the infinity.


All you have to do is visit the GOGOAnimeTV website search for the anime by name and select your preferred version and wallah you’ll find all the episodes from last to first. Click on the episode number to start watching.


The next one is Animepahe, where you’ll any anime series and movies. However, you’ll only find the subbed version here. If you don’t mind watching and reading subtitles at the same time, then it’s a great site.


Here go to the search bar and look for your desired anime and done. Then click on an episode to play it from the website.


Simplyaweeb is the last website on our list. Just so you know this website is different from other websites on our list. This website contains different videos, music, memes, anime series & movies, and mangas.

You can say it’s all in one website. Let’s guide you through locating SK8 the infinity on the website, follow the given instructions below.

visit the Simplyaweeb website

  • You’ll find the name of different sections at the bottom of the page. There select anime

There select anime section

  • At the top, you’ll see the search bar, type SK8 and it automatically generates the most suited result.
  • Select either version subbed or dubbed. It’ll lead you to the following page of the SK8 infinity. There you can select any episode from 1 to 12.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look over the most frequently asked questions related to watching the SK8 the infinity online. These answered questions will surely be beneficial for you in the near future.

Is SK8 The Infinity On Netflix?

Yes, SK8 the infinity is available for streaming on Netflix. If you have a subscription, then you can easily stream it online anytime.

How To Watch SK8 The Infinity For Free?

If you want to watch SK8 infinity for free, you can visit any anime streaming website like AniMixPlay, search for it and either start watching online or download it to watch offline.

Where Can I Watch The SK8 Infinity Season 2?

SK8 infinity has only a single season, there’s no sure news about a season 2 up until now. However, they’re working on a movie that will be released at the end of the year 2022 or the middle of 2023.

Last Words

There’s a good reason why people have been asking where to watch SK8 the infinity? It’s a popular thriller series with epic comic timings, sometimes that you don’t want to miss watching. However, with the above-mentioned instructions, you can now watch SK8 infinity for free online or download all the episodes to watch offline whenever you feel like it.

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