Why Do I Receive Duplicate Text Messages On Android & Fix Repeated Sms

Receiving the same text message repeatedly from an individual contact or several is a common issue on android. It happens due to several reasons, including outdated software, message error, or many more. When it happens to you, the question may arise in your mind: why do I receive duplicate text messages on android?

We are here to confer the solution to this inaccuracy. Below, we have written down a complete article where we have illustrated how to stop duplicate text messages on android. Besides, we will try to define the leading causes behind receiving copy text messages from senders.

Why Do I Receive Duplicate Text Messages on Android?

As we mentioned earlier, it happens due to several reasons. We have listed some of the reasons for receiving multiple copies of the same text message on android. Remember that receiving the same text message, again and again, is not a sender’s fault at all. Some potential reasons for this issue include:

Why Do I Receive Duplicate Text Messages on Android?

  • Poor network connection
  • Slow upload speed
  • Message application error
  • Third-parties app
  • Cache of messaging app

Those 5 reasons are mostly responsible for this problem. Below we’ll point out how to fix receiving duplicate text messages. Those fixing methods will also resolve why do I receive Duplicate Text Messages on android questions.

1. Clear Cache of Messaging App

Sometimes, an imperfection in the app settings can bring on receiving duplicate messages. Cleansing the message application’s cache will clean all the cache files, and the application’s setting will turn into the default setting. Below we’ll provide the way of cleaning cache on android.

Step 1: First, drive to the “Setting” option and then tap on the “App.”

Clear Cache of Messaging App

Step 2 : Click on “Manage Apps.”

Clear Cache of Messaging App

Step 3: Search “Message App” on the search bar and double click on the app.

Clear Cache of Messaging App

Step 4: Select the  “Clear Default” usually (Clear cache) option to clear the cache.

Clear Cache of Messaging App

2. Clear Hangout Cache

Some android devices like Samsung hangout cache can be responsible for receiving duplicate messages.  You can remove the cache by grabbing the steps we listed below.

Step 1: Go to the “Setting” app on your device and then select “Apps and Notification.

Clear Hangout Cache

Step 2: Now find the “Hangout” app and click on the “Clear Cache” option.

Clear Hangout Cache

3. Software Update

System difficulties can be the other reason for experiencing the issue. You can update your phone software to see whether it fixes or not. Kindly follow the process below to update the latest version of the software.

Step 1: From the home screen, open the “Setting” app.

Software Update

Step 2: Now tap on the “ System Update” option.

Software Update

Step 3: Press on the “ Download” option and wait a couple of minutes to update the software.

Software Update

4. Factory Reset

If you are still facing duplicate message sending and receiving messages, then factory reset your mobile phone. Follow the procedure to reset your phone.

Step 1: Run the “Setting” app and then click on the “About” option.

Factory Reset

Step 2: You will see the “ backup & reset” option. Tap on it.

Factory Reset

Step 3: Tap on the “ Erase all data(factory reset).

Factory Reset

Step 4: Press on the “Next” option and wait until it resets.

Factory Reset

5. Changes New Sim Card

Sometimes due to the sim card difficulties, you may face the problem. So to resolve the issue, you can replace your old SIM card and insert a new one. With the help of ejector tools, you can easily remove the sim card from the tray. After removing the old one, set a new sim card on the tray and push the tray back into the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have provided some of the answers to the question that people most ask about this problem.

Why Does My Phone Send Duplicate Text Messages?

It generally occurs due to network errors. It resends the text when the network is available.

Why Does My Phone Keep Sending the Same Text Message Over and Over?

If you face the issue on your Android Phone, then go to the setting option and then select the messaging app from the application and clear its cache.

Why Does My Phone Text by Itself?

Usually, a phone can never text by itself. It will only happen when the phone has malware or a third party app.

Final Verdict

In the above, we have provided solutions to why do I receive duplicate text messages on android. By following the 5 procedures we mentioned above, you can resolve this issue. However, if you face any trouble while applying the method, put your comments below.

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