Why Won’t Tiktok Let Me Post – How to Solve it?

TikTok has grown to be an important social media platform in recent years. It crawled up the ladder from least popular to one of the leading social media platforms. Especially since TikTok added the Musical.ly feature. It increased the user’s tendency to post more frequently. Sadly, in recent days many users are facing video uploading issues on TikTok.

If you’ve been posting videos for a while, and suddenly it stops letting you post, it makes you wonder why won’t TikTok let me post? Furthermore, it gets frustrating when something like that happens.

However, posting issues on TikTok occurs for a number of reasons. It could be some network issue or you got banned from posting. In both cases, you won’t be able to post videos on TikTok.

Why You’re Not Able To Post Videos On TikTok?

We understand not being able to post videos on TikTok is quite frustrating and annoying. However, we’ve found several common reasons why TikTok won’t let you post your content. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Why Won’t Tiktok Let Me Post

TikTok Server Issue

Sometimes due to their native server issues, the TikTok service hits a snag with uploading issues. It occurs due to either a server crash or extreme traffic. In both cases, you’re unable to post and start wondering why won’t TikTok Let me post?

TikTok Server Issue

However, TikTok Server goes through maintenance hours to solve such issues, during that time they stop all their services to conduct proper maintenance.

Community Guideline Violations

Due to community guideline violations through your videos, you might get banned from TikTok. It could be a temporary ban for several hours or it can be a permanent ban. Although permanent bans are rare cases due to continuous violation of their guidelines. Within the ban period, TikTok doesn’t allow you to post.

Community Guideline Violations

How To Fix Upload Issues On TikTok?

Now that you’ve learned about the reasons why you’re not able to post any further videos on TikTok. Let’s help you try to avoid such problems and continue to post your content and grow your influence and popularity on TikTok.

Check For Server Issues

As you’re well aware TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms, and something that big needs proper maintenance, right? Otherwise, bugs and server crashes will cause unsatisfied users. So every once in a while, the TikTok server takes a few hours for maintenance. During that time you can’ post videos as their server is down.

Check For Server Issues

You can easily find the server downtime by visiting the Downdetector website and start posting again when the server is up and running again.

Check Your Video Contents

You should avoid posting any sexual or social harassment videos on TikTok. Because TikTok policy doesn’t allow such posts.

Although these kinds of posts might boost your viewers for short while, however, they’ll surely revoke your posting privileges. So before you post anything, make sure they meet the TikTok community guidelines.

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Report Problems

As stated earlier, you’ll be unable to post your content if you get banned. If you’re confident that you didn’t do anything to violate their policy, then you report your problem to TikTok customer service.

If you have posted a video that violates their policy then you can, however, remove the post first and then report it to customer service. Follow the necessary instructions given below to report your problem.

  • Launch TikTok, and go to your profile.

Launch TikTok, and go to your profile

  • There in the top right corner, you can see 3 dots, press it, to enter settings and privacy.

you can see 3 dots, press it

  • Scroll all the way down and then you will see the report a problem option, under the support Press it, to enter.

you will see the report a problem option

  • That will lead you to the feedback & help option, there you’ll find and select video and sound under the select a topic

feedback & help option

  • There you’ll find a posting a video there, press blocked from posting option.find a posting a video there, press blocked from posting optionpress blocked from posting option
  • You’ll find a warning message from TikTok, read it. If you feel that you haven’t done any sort of violation then press

warning message from TikTok

  • After that, write your problem and share your thoughts with customer service by sending a message.

share your thoughts with customer service by sending a message.

  • It will take 72 hours to get feedback from TikTok. And if they feel like you’re okay then they will restore your privileges.

Note- the above-mentioned method is the quickest way to get your uploading privileges. Otherwise, you can wait for TikTok’s AI algorithm to automatically unban you. It can take days, weeks, or even months.

Final Verdict

Understandably, you feel a certain level of frustration when you experience video uploading issues on TikTok. It makes you wonder why won’t TikTok let me post, right? However, TikTok does that for several specific reasons as you have seen in our earlier discussions.

If you take the above-mentioned precautions, you can make sure you don’t face any posting issues on TikTok. Remember any sexual or social harassing content will be immediately removed from their server, and surely take your uploading privileges away. And you can’t post on TikTok anymore.

Just so you know, on the first violation you’ll receive a warning. However, If you continue to violate their policy then you’ll get a permanent ban and won’t be able to post any further videos on TikTok.

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