How to Fix Windows Update Stuck at 100 Percent in 2024

Windows update is elementary for Windows users because updating Windows can fix some bugs. Besides, it safeguards your computer and keeps your data secured. But recently, some Windows users reported that Windows Update Stuck at 100 percent, which is frustrating.

If you notice a message that says Working on Updates 100% Complete Stuck message, but can’t do anything with it, that means you have confronted this issue. Though it is irritating, you are certainly not one who is facing this problem. Masses of people have been detected the same. To get the solution, follow the instructions that we mentioned below.

Reason for the Windows update stuck at 100

Several reasons are responsible for Windows Update Stuck at 100 percent. Sometimes it happens due to software difficulties or for the USB peripheral. The conflict between Windows Update components can be the other main reason behind this issue.

You don’t need to speculate why it happens and what is the main cause of it. In the section below, we’ll try to illustrate some solutions that you can apply from home. If this error occurs due to a system fault or internal conflict, you needn’t be worried. You can solve it out with ease.

How to Fix Windows Update Stuck at 100 Percent?

Windows update stuck is a common issue that most people face. By taking some steps, you can solve it out easily. To fix it up without confronting any hassle, follow the procedure as we pointed out below.

1. Remove USB Peripherals

If you notice that your Blue Screen Stuck at 100 and can’t do anything, remove all the USB peripherals like USB Flash Drives, Pen Drives connected to the PC. After removing all the USB accessories, wait until the Windows Update is accomplished. If Windows remains, then follow the next procedures.

2. Force Restart Your PC

If your PC gets stuck while Updating  Windows, then first force restart your PC. To force restart, follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Keep holding the “Power Button” until your PC is shut down.

Force Restart Your Pc

Step 2: Disconnect from the power supply and remove the battery from your laptop and wait a few moments.

Force Restart Your Pc

Force Restart Your Pc

Step 3: Now set up the battery again and then switch your PC on.

Force Restart Your Pc

Step 4: Choose the option to boot naturally if you notice your PC shut down inaccurately.

Force Restart Your Pc

If you still don’t get access to your computer, try to run your PC in Safe Mode.

3. Run Windows Update troubleshooter

Running Windows update troubleshooting can help you to get rid of windows stuck. Follow the directory below to run the troubleshooter without difficulties.

Step 1: Search “Setting” on the windows search bar and then open it.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Step 2: From the new window, choose the “ Update & Security” option.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Step 3: Now press on the “Troubleshooter” from the left and then select “additional Troubleshooter” from the right.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Step 4: Click on the “Windows Update” you will see “Run the troubleshooter” below and press on it.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Step 5: Choose the “Apply the Fix” option from the pop-up windows.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

4. Reset Windows Update components

Due to the Windows Update components being corrupted, you can face Windows Stuck at 100% issues. Let’s see how to reset the corrupted windows update component.

Step 1: hold the “Windows+R” key to launch the “Run” box.

Reset Windows Update components

Step 2: Type “cmd” on the box to run “Command Prompt as Administrator.

Reset Windows Update components

Step 3: Write the below commands on the box and press “Enter.”

“net stop wuauserv, net stop appidsvc, net stop cryptsvc”

Reset Windows Update components

Step 4: After applying the above command, your windows update system that is related to windows will be stopped.

Reset Windows Update components

Step 5: Now in the “Command Prompt”, write the below line and press the “Enter” button.

Del”%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr*.dat”

Reset Windows Update components

Step 6: Change the name of two folders, “SoftwareDistribution” and “catroot2 folder” to “SoftwareDistribution”.bak and “catroot2.bak”. Windows can detect them as missing folders and make a new one to save Windows update files.

Reset Windows Update components

Step 7: Now write the below command one after one and tap “Enter” for each one.

“net start bits, net start wuauserv, net start appidsvc, net start cryptsvc.”

Reset Windows Update components

Restart your PC after accomplishing the procedure to check if you are still confronting the issue or not.

5. Download Update from Microsoft

From the “Microsoft Update Catalogue,” you can download updates that you failed to update the previous time. According to your PC system Type, you can download the windows latest update. Let’s see how to download updates from Microsoft.

Step 1: First, go to the “Microsoft Update Catalog” official site.

Download Update from Microsoft

Step 2: Write the Latest update number that you intend to download on the search bar.

Download Update from Microsoft

Step 3: Select the right update from the search results and tap on the “Download” option from the right side.

Download Update from Microsoft

Step 4: After pressing on the download option, you will notice a download link—double-click on the link to install.

Download Update from Microsoft

After accomplishing the procedure, check to see if the Windows Update Stuck at 100% problem remains or not.

Is Windows Update Stuck Similar to the Thread Stuck in Device Drivers?

Windows Thread Stuck in the Device Driver mostly happens due to driver problems. Sometimes outdated BIOS is also responsible for the issue. AMD Graphics Card users confront the issue as well. On the Contrary, Windows Update Stuck 100 Percent occurs from the conflict between software and wrong date and time setup while updating Windows is also the reason for the problem.

However, both of the problems can be solved by following some easy steps. You can Fix Windows Thread Stuck in the Device Driver as well by following the directions as we linked up above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have conferred answers to some interrogations that we often asked by Windows users.

How to stop updating Windows Update 10?

To stop Updating Windows 10, go to the “Update & security” option and then press on the “Windows Update.” You’ll see the “advanced option  “ on the right side below; you can stop updating from there.

How long does it take to download the Windows 10 update?

Generally, Windows update takes 20- 30 minutes to update, but if your computer contains viruses or malware, this time can be expanded into 1-2 hours.

Is it Necessary to update Windows 10 frequently?

Yes, it is. To get the latest feature of Windows, you have to update. Besides, Windows Update can fix some bugs.

Final Thought

It’s a matter of irritation when you are mostly done with updating Windows but it stuck at 100%. To avoid the condition, a remarkable number of users don’t want to update their Windows though it is necessary.  Keep that in mind, we have pointed out how to resolve Windows Updates Stuck at 100 Percent.

If you execute the aforementioned strategies, you can easily solve the issue. The last thing we would like to remind you, if you don’t have a good command on Computer, then ignore Method number 4.  For applying the methods, you must know Coding.

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