Disney Plus Error Code 142 Firestick – Easy Solution.

In recent years, the OTT platform Disney plus has become a popular entertainment source. As of now it’s providing good media content and competing with Netflix. However, it’s frustrating to get errors while streaming, One, in particular, is the error code 142. Different users are facing this error code while streaming on Disney plus.

Getting an error while streaming is quite common, keeping in mind popular OTT platforms always mentions their common error with the fix on their native website, however, you won’t find the 142 error code on Disney plus website.

Naturally, you feel helpless when such codes appear. But no worries, we have a few tested and prepared methods below to fix Disney plus error code 142 firestick.

What Is Error Code 142 On Disney Plus?

Disney plus error code 142 firestick refers to a networking-related issue, especially when the server is down for some reason. Just so you know, many Disney plus users have complained about getting an error code 142 while streaming.

Disney Plus Error Code 142 Firestick

Usually, if the Disney plus server is going through maintenance of some sort, this kind of code appears on your screen. However, a server issue isn’t the only reason why this particular error code appears, it could a because of a bad internet connection, an outdated app, running a VPN in the background, etc.

Disney Plus Error Code 142 Fixing Methods

If you’re facing the error code 142 while streaming Disney plus for the first time, there’s no reason to get nervous. Because you can fix it with ease. First, restart your network service and the app/ browser you streaming from.

It’s proven to work in most cases. However, if it doesn’t work for you then, we have prepared other fixing methods for you. Rest assured these given methods are tested and proven to work for many users.

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CheckDisney plus app settings

As stated earlier, the error code 142 on Disney plus could occur due to a server issue. Sometimes where major maintenance is a concern, you’ll receive a notification from Disney plus customer service for ongoing maintenance.

As the 142 error code is a minor issue, no notification is provided by customer service. However, you can always use a third-party app called downdetector, to check if anyone else is facing such a problem or you can report an issue so that they can fix it.

Use a Stable Internet

Due to an unstable network, the error code 142 can appear on your screen. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Disney plus via wifi or an ethernet cable, if you have high latency, then you can’t connect to the server and such an error occurs while streaming.

If you wish to stream on 1080p HD quality then you’ll need at least 10Mbps speed. Furthermore, if you want to stream in higher resolution whether it’s 4K or 8K you need 30Mbps+ speed. If you’re facing latency issues you can lower the quality to match your internet speed until it’s fixed.

However, if it’s a temporary issue a simple router restart might solve it, to do that make sure you follow the instructions below.

  • Close the Disney plus app.
  • Guide yourself to the router’s locations and switch it off as well.
  • Then wait 30 seconds. Then start your router again.

Update Disney Plus App

An outdated Disney plus app could cause the 142 error code to appear while streaming. Because it’s outdated, it doesn’t match with necessary requirements to run the app smoothly. Thus such error occurs.

While facing error code 142 on Disney plus, check if there’s any update available for the app. There’s is then download that update and see if it fixes the issue or not. If you don’t know how to update your Disney plus app then follow the instructions given below.

  • Open the application, then select Disney plus app.

Update Disney Plus App

  • After that, you’ll see the settings in the bottom left corner.
  • There you’ll find a check for update option, if there’s any update for the app you’ll find it there.

Re-Install The Disney Plus App

If updating it doesn’t stop the code from appearing then you should first delete the app and then re-install it again. Because you might have corrupt files on your app, and if you re-install it again it should fix any temporary file corruptions. Follow the instruction given below to delete and re-install the Disney plus app on your TV.

  • Click on the Disney plus app and guide yourself to settings. there you’ll find app settings.
  • At the bottom, you’ll find the delete option. Click it to uninstall it from your TV.

find the delete option. Click it to uninstall it from your TV

  • Click the Disney plus icon once again, you can see download options available, click it to download and install the app again.

click it to download and install the app again.

Disable VPN Service

If you’re using the Disney plus app from your computer, then sometimes using a VPN can cause the error code 142. So before you launch the app or run it on the browser, make sure you close any VPN service from your computer.

Note– on a computer if you’re using the Disney plus on a browser, make sure the browser is compatible with it, otherwise, such error codes appear. You can try out different browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look over the frequently asked question from several users. If you like you can go through them for more info.

Why is Disney Plus not working on Amazon Firestick?

The firestick you’re using must support the Disney plus app. Otherwise, you can’t run the app. However, in case you used to run it, but somehow it stops, then tries updating and clearing cache files from the firestick. It should be running smoothing after that.

Is Disney+ compatible with Firestick?

Disney+ is a popular streaming service and is always on demand. So, recently manufactured firesticks are easily compatible with Disney+. You can easily plug it in with an HDMI cable and enjoy your favorite content.

Why do I keep getting error codes on Disney Plus?

If it’s a server issue from the developer’s end, then you might have an unstable internet connection or some minor glitch. Check your internet connections and restart the app after closing download your device for 30 seconds.

Wrap Up

As you can see from our earlier discussion, Disney plus error code 142 firestick is a minor issue. There’s nothing to be nervous about. If you face such an error, try using the mentioned methods to fix the issue and start enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows.

If the above-mentioned method doesn’t work for you, then try contacting customer support. there you’ll find help from the experts.

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