How to Fix Vertical Lines on Android Phone [Top 8 Best Ways In 2024]

Confronting vertical lines on the Android screen is annoying. It is tough to use an Android phone after appearing this issue on the smartphone’s screen.

Generally, this problem is connected with the LCD carried out by distorted hardware components. Sometimes it could happen due to the software or app malfunction as well.

Now you might be thinking How to Fix Vertical Lines on Android Phones, right? Well, we would like to assure you that, if the vertical lines appear due to a display or motherboard glitch, you can apply some strategies to fix it.

Here we have accumulated some of the authentic procedures. With the help of those, you can efficiently resolve the vertical lines as well as Black Lines on the Android Screen issue.

Why Are There Horizontal and Vertical Lines on My Phone Screen?

Before providing solutions, you should know why these horizontal and vertical lines appear on your display. It happens due to both hardware and software difficulties.

Mostly these kinds of lines, including black screen, horizontal, vertical, and white, are related to the hardware glitch. Faulty ribbons and displays are also responsible for this issue.

If those lines appear because of software faulty, you can fix it by taking some steps. Now you may ask how you can understand it occurs due to software faulty or hardware, right?

Well, to confirm that, take screenshots of the phone’s screen and send them to the other phone. Now check whether the screenshot has those lines or not. If you notice the screenshots have those lines, that means it is a software-related issue; otherwise, it is hardware-related.

How to Fix Vertical Lines on Android Phone?

As we said earlier, by taking some steps, you can easily rectify the issue. We’ve illuminated the top 9 best scientific & effective ways to fix vertical and horizontal lines on the android screen in this context. So let’s have a look at How to Fix Vertical Lines on Android Phones. Follow the directions as we are going to point up.

How to Fix Vertical Lines on Android Phone

Restart Android Phone

Restarting an Android phone after getting issues is a common incident. You may think that it won’t work to resolve it. Many users who have faced the issue reported that, after restarting the phone, the vertical lines issue was automatically resolved. Follow the instructions to restart your phone.

Step 1: Long press on the “Power” button, and you will see several options from their tap on the “Restart” option. Wait a moment until the process is accomplished.

Restart Android Phone

Force Restart

If your phone doesn’t respond to any press button or touch, you must restart your phone forcibly. There are varieties of smartphones available. Different Devices have the respective process of “Force Restart.” So it is hard to show the procedures of it. But here is the most common way that you can apply to force a restart.

Step 1: Press the “Power” of your Android Phone for 20 seconds or until the phone restarts.

Force Restart

Rebooting In Safe Mode

If the vertical lines still remain even after applying the 2 procedures as we mentioned earlier, then reboot your device in safe mode. Rebooting in safe mode can fix the issue if it is related to the software faulty. Below we have illustrated the procedure of rebooting your device in safe mode.

Step 1: Hold and press the “Power Button+VolumeUP/Down Button” at once for a while.

Rebooting In Safe Mode

Step 2: Within a moment, the “Power Off” and “Restart” options will appear on the screen and then hold the “Power Off” option for a couple of seconds.

Rebooting In Safe Mode

Step 3: Now a Pop-Up will appear on the screen and ask you to enter into “Safe Mode” and then press “Ok.”

Rebooting In Safe Mode

Wait for a moment for Rebooting in safe mode. After that, check whether the vertical lines appear on the screen or not.

Full Charge Your phone’s Battery

If you confront the vertical lines on your smartphone screen, make sure that your phone is fully charged. Some users reported that they had tried it, and it helped them get relief from these annoying horizontal and vertical lines.

Full Charge Your phone’s Battery

Check the Display

Generally, if there are any cracks or scratches on your phone’s screen you can experience horizontal or black lines on your device. Sometimes the display of your mobile becomes faulty from the inside, so you can’t notice it. As a result, you face the issue. That’s why it is essential to test the display and take it to the repair center.

Check the Display

Factory Reset

Factory reset is another procedure that you can apply to see whether the vertical lines on your mobile phone display are fixed or not. To Factory Reset, follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Switch off your Android phone first.

Factory Reset

Step 2: Press and hold the “Power+Volume UP+Home” button at once for a while.

Factory Reset

Step 3: After appearing the Android logo is on the screen, release the three keys.

Factory Reset

Step 4: Now select the “Factory Reset/Wipe Data” option.

Factory Reset

Step 5: Press on the “Yes–Delete All User Data” option.

Factory Reset

Step 6: After reboot processing is done, “Reboot System Now” will appear on the phone screen. Press the “power” button, and it will restart automatically.

Factory Reset

Push Down Screen

When your phone drops from your hand, there is a chance that the LCD would disconnect from the motherboard. If this occurs and vertical lines appear, then push the screen down smoothly to re-establish the connection.

Take Your Phone to The Repair Shop

If the problem still exists even after applying the 7 procedures that we have illuminated above, then take your phone to the nearest repair shop. If the problem happens due to the LCD Glitch, you can’t resolve it with those methods. You need to replace the LCD that you can only do it from the repair shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered the questions that may arise in your mind after reading this context.

How Do I Get Rid of the White Lines on My Phone Screen?

If the white lines appear due to the software glitch, you can fix it by rebooting your android device.

What Is a White Screen of Death?

The White screen of death is a kind of error that causes your android phone to stop working and display a white screen.

Why Does My Phone Have Horizontal Lines on the Screen?

It happens due to several reasons, but mostly hardware difficulty is responsible for this issue.

Final Verdict

Indeed it is annoying when you get vertical lines on your Android devices at a crucial moment. But, don’t get frustrated as it is a repairable issue that can be fixed up by yourself. In the above, we have pointed up How to Fix Vertical Lines on Android Phone. As we mentioned earlier, we hope these methods will help you get relief from the issue. However, if you have any further queries about the vertical lines issue on the android phone, let us know through the comment section.

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