How to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos from Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the prominent applications where you can store photos and videos. But have you ever confronted a situation where all the photos of Google Photos have been deleted? Data loss is a common phenomenon in Android devices, but deleting pictures and videos from Google Photos is not a matter of anxiety. Here we’ll demonstrate How to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos from Google Photos.

Executing several ways, you can restore your permanently deleted photos. When you delete photos from the Google Photos app, it is stored in the “Trash” folder, and after 60 days, it becomes deleted automatically. Now you might be thinking How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from google photos after 60 days, right? To get the exact solution read the text fastidiously.

How to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos from Google Photos?

Getting permanently deleted photos is a little bit of a hardened task from the Google Photo app. That doesn’t mean it is impossible. By executing some of the procedures, you can try to Get Back Deleted Photos with ease. We have accumulated some of the authentic ways below to Undo Deleted Pictures. So follow the instructions and see what method will be hassle-free for you to apply.

how to restore permanently deleted photos

1. Restore Photos From the “Trash” Folder of Google Photos

As we mentioned earlier, when your precious photos or videos are deleted from Google photos, it is restored in the Trash folder. Within 60 days, you can restore those photos without confronting any difficulties. But if you ask, what about after 60 days? We won’t say it is possible to recover them from the Google Photos app. Let’s see how you can Retrieve Deleted Photos from the Trash Folder.

Step 1: Open the Google Photos App first on your android device.

Open the Google Photos App first on your android device

Step 2: Press on the above Three-Dot option and then select “Trash.”

Press on the above Three-Dot option and then select “Trash

Step 3: Mark photos that you would like to restore, and then press on the “Restore icon” from the above corner.

Mark photos to restore, and press on the “Restore icon”

These photos will be restored in that folder from where they were deleted. By executing these three different procedures, you can restore photos from the Trash folder.

2. Recover Deleted Photos with Android Data Recovery Software

If the 60 days have already passed and you can’t restore deleted photos from the Trash folder, then take the help of an Android professional data recovery app or software. Several data recovery software is gettable that confer prominent services. In this segment, we’ll use EaseUS as Recovery software to retrieve deleted images.

Step 1: Visit Easeus’s official site to download and install it on your PC, and then apply the below directions as we illuminated.

Visit Easeus’s official site to download and install it on P

Step 2: Once installed on your device, launch it and connect to your Android device from which you have lost photos.

launch and connect to your device

Step 3: Click on the “Scan” option, and it will automatically scan your device and then find out your deleted photos.

Click on the “Scan” option, to scan your device and then finds out your deleted photos

Step 4: After getting scanned, you will notice the “Recovery” option right-side below. Mark the Images that you intend to recover and tab the “Recover” option.

select “Recovery” option from the right-side below & Mark the Images to recover

3. Restore Deleted Google Photos on Computer

By using a computer, you can retrieve pictures that have been lost from the “Google Photos” app. Here, we’ll show how to Undo Deleted Photos with the help of a computer.

Step 1: First, visit and press on the “Trash” from the left side.

visit google photos and press on the “Trash”

Step 2: Choose Images that you wish to retrieve.

Choose Image that you wish to retrieve

Step 3: You will see the “Restore” option at the top of the right corner. Press on it to retrieve your deleted photos.

click on the “Restore” option to retrieve your deleted photos

Frequently Asked Question

If you have any questions about retrieving photos, check the questions below, where we have conferred answers to some questions that we are oftentimes asked by many more users. These may help you to resolve some problems that are permanently deleted photos related.

Can I Get Permanently Deleted Photos Back?

Images that are accidentally deleted from the Google Photos apps can be found in the Trash folder within 6o days. But if you delete photos permanently, you have to retrieve them with recovery software like Easeus, Dr.Fone, and many more. You can follow our above segment where we have demonstrated how to Recover Deleted Photos from Gallery with Easeus software.

How Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from Years Ago?

Recovering photos that have been deleted permanently is a bit difficult if the Sync option is not activated. To retrieve deleted images from years of age, you must turn on the “Back up & Sync” option. If you don’t, then it is impossible to get back your years old deleted photos.

Where Do Photos Go When Permanently Deleted?

This is one of the most asked questions about where a photo goes when it is lost or deleted. Actually, when photos are permanently deleted, they exist on your system app but don’t show in the folder. When you store new files, they replace the deleted document, images, Videos.

How Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from My iPhone After 30 Days?

Persistently deleted images from the iPhone after a month is comparatively easier than the Android smartphones. To retrieve deleted photos from the iPhone after 30 days, follow the instruction below

  1. Connect your iPhone to the PC first
  2. Once it is connected, open iTunes
  3. Select the “Restore & Backup” option.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Phone Memory?

The recovery process of permanently deleted videos from phone memory is mostly similar to restoring photos. You can check our previous article too to know the exact ways of Getting Back the Videos That Have Been Deleted Permanently from your phone memory or external memory.

Final Verdict

We the people love to store our memorable moments by capturing precious photos. Most of the time we save them in our phone memory or cloud storage like Google Photos, Google Drive, Mega, or many more. Sometimes those become deleted intentionally or unintentionally and we tried our best to get them back, right?

Thinking about it, we have presented How to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos in the above. Three different methods have been portrayed earlier, and you can use any of those methods to retrieve your deleted photos. From now on, If your Google Photos are deleted, needn’t be tensed, just follow the instructions as we mentioned above and get your deleted photos back.

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