Why Does My PS5 Keep Turning On – How To Fix?

If you have a PlayStation console, you might have experienced a problem that your PS5 keeps turning on itself. In such situations, you might be wondering, “Why does my PS5 keep turning on?” The prime reason behind this issue can be your HDMI device connection is enabled. This option usually makes the PS5 automatically turn on when you turn on the connected TV.

Additionally, there can be other reasons for that problem as well, such as the problem with PS5’s rest mode or update issues. Don’t worry; we will let you know the possible reasons for this problem and their solutions in this context.

Why Does My PS5 Keep Turning On?

There are several reasons for your PS5 turning on by itself when the TV is off. Some common causes of this problem have been explained below.

Why Does My PS5 Keep Turning On

  • If your PS5 gaming console is connected to a television via HDMI, the console will automatically activate every time you turn on your TV.
  • When your console is configured in rest mode, it will turn on automatically instead of being turned off.
  • Your console may try to upload data or download and install new updates to the cloud.

How To Fix PS5 Keep Turning On?

Dealing with a PS5 that keeps turning on repeatedly is very irritating. That’s why here we have explained some effective methods to solve this problem. So, let’s see what these are:

Solution 1: Turn Off HDMI Device Link

Your PS5 may be turning on repeatedly, mainly because of the HDMI device link. So, if this happens to you, turning it off will help you get rid of this problem. Following the simple procedure pointed out below, you can easily solve this problem.

Turn Off HDMI Device Links

  • First, turn on your PlayStation 5 and log in with your credentials.
  • Then go to “Home Screen” and navigate the “Settings” (Gear Icon)menu from the dashboard.
  • Navigate “System” from the list of options and choose “HDMI” in the left segment of the screen.
  • Now toggle off the option next to “Enable HDMI Device Link.”

Solution 2: Turn Off Remote Play

Remote play can be another feature that is turning your PS5 on automatically. When this feature is turned on, the remote play-connected apps can automatically turn on your PlayStation console. So, it would be best to turn off remote play to get rid of this problem. However, you can use this feature manually later. Here is the method to turn off the remote play feature on your PlayStation console.

Turn Off Remote Play

  • Navigate to the “Home Screen” of your PS5 and tap on “Settings” (Gear Icon) from the dashboard.
  • Toggle the button next to the “Remote Play” option by scrolling down.


If you want to use the remote play feature in the future, you will just have to enable the Remote Play option following the same procedure.

Solution 3: Disable Internet Connection When The Recent Mode Active

Rest Mode has a feature- “Stay connected to the Internet.” For that, your PlayStation console will be turned on automatically when the Reset Mode is active. This option usually tries downloading updates and uploading data using the internet connection, even if your console is not being used. To turn off the Rest Mode feature, follow the steps below:

Disable Internet Connection When The Recent Mode Active

  • First, go to the “Home Screen” of your PlayStation console.
  • Press on the “Settings” (Gear Icon) from the dashboard.
  • Now locate the “Power Settings” segment on the left side of the screen.
  • Press on the “Features Available in Rest Mode.”
  • Ensure the “Stay connected to the internet” and “Enable Turning on PS5 from network” options are turned off.

Solution 4: Inspection of Batteries

Sometimes, your PlayStation console may show the media remote icon when restarting it again, causing your console to turn on automatically. In that case, you have to install new cells or batteries in the remote to fix this issue. Typically, the PlayStation console transmits miscellaneous commands via Bluetooth when the battery is discharged. This malfunction causes your system to turn on itself repeatedly.

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Solution 5: Update PS5 Software

If you find the problem is still prevailing you a lot, you should update your PS5 console. In that case, you can download and install the latest firmware on your console. Besides, it is also possible you disabled the console’s auto-updating feature by mistake. Updating your console with a new version will help remove bugs and fix issues responsible for automatically turning on your console.

Update PS5 Software

Solution 6: Get in Contact with PlayStation Support

If you went through every potential fix above and still find your PS5 keep turning one, you should get the help of PlayStation support. At this point, you can take the support of a PlayStation professional and ask them to find out the problem. If your PlayStation console has any software or firmware glitches, they will fix them instantly. On the other hand, any hardware-related repairs to your PS5 can be taken away to their lab.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Here we try to answer the questions that come up again and again. If you have any queries about PS5, check this segment. You may find your answer here.

Why Is My PS5 HDMI Not Working?

Your PlayStation 5 HDMI might not be working if you live in a clogged place with dust, power connection problems, or electricity outages. Typically, the HDMI port won’t work if it is blocked with dirt or has any outage damage. In that case, you can remove the clogged dust from both the HDMI port and the HDMI. Besides,  if you find any broken pins inside the HDMI cable, take it to the nearest repair shop to fix it.

Can I Turn My PS5 Off With The Controller?

Following the simple steps, you can easily turn your PS5 off with the controller. Let’s see what these are:

  • First, click on the “PlayStation” option on the controller.
  • Navigate the main menu and scroll down to the last.
  • Now tap on the “Power” options and choose “Turn Off PS5”.
  • Your PlayStation 5 console will switch off automatically.

Why Is My PS5 Turning On When I Turn My TV On?

PlayStation 5 has HDMI-CEC capabilities that help turn on the console when you turn on your TV. You can easily change this configuration by heading to settings and choosing the right option.


Dealing with a PS5 that turns on automatically is very irritating. If you are facing the same problem, the first concern that may come to your mind is, “why does my PS5 keep turning on?” Hopefully, you might have figured out the reason behind this problem after reading this context.

Basically, the PS5 turns on automatically when your TV is connected to the TV via HDMI or the rest mode is activated on your PS5. However, we have demonstrated some simple techniques to solve this problem. Following these techniques, you can easily solve this problem.

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