How to Fix Google Play Error RH 01 Retrieving Information From Server?

There are a significant number of Android users who recently have reported that they are getting Google Play Error RH 01 when they try to install or update apps from the Google Play Store. The custom ROMs are mostly affected by Server 01 error.

Why does this problem occur? Well, according to our expert, if there is an error Retrieving Information from Server Pg-Gemf-01, you may encounter this problem. Besides, you may have the problem too if it is not connected to the server.

When Google Play Store Error Retrieving Information From Server Df Dferh 01 occurs, Android users can no longer update or download any apps from the Google Play Store. However, in this write-up. We’ll show you how to fix Error RH 01 on Google Play With ease.

Reason for Google Play Error RH 01?

The Error While Retrieving Information from the Server Play Store can occur for many reasons on your device, such as:

How to Fix Google Play Error RH 01 Retrieving Information From Server

Your Mobile Software Was Modified

The play store’s error may be because the software on your phone was modified, losing program components. Modified software crashes can also Affect the Camera and other independent apps as well.

Outdated Google Play Service

Due to the outdated Google Play Service app, you may have Error 01. Most of the time, users confront the issue due to the outdated Google Play Service App. Disabling the Google Play Service on Android devices is another reason for the error code.

Apps That Block Google Play

Sometimes the failure of Google play can be due to other applications that block your access. You can try uninstalling these malware applications and see if the access problem is corrected.

How to Fix Google Play Error RH 01 [Best Methods]

In this segment, we have discussed how to solve Google Play Store Error Retrieving Information From Server Df-Dferh-01 with some basic solutions. Hopefully, you won’t get the error code again if you execute these solutions.

Solution 1: Set Correct Time and Date

The Error Hr-01 Problem on Google Play may be due to having the wrong time and date. In that case, we recommend changing the time and date first according to your time zone. To set the date and time on Android follow the instructions below.

Set Correct Time and Date to Fix Google Play Error RH 01

  1. Go to the Settings option
  2. Find Date & Time
  3. Turn the Automatic Date and Time Option ON. That’s it.

Solution 2: Restart Your Android Device

A simple method to apply for Google Play Error Rh 01 is to restart your device to see if the problem is resolved. Follow the steps below to restart your Android Phone.

Restart Your Android Devices

  1. Hold the Power Button until you see the restart option
  2. Tap on the Restart option then
  3. Wait until your handset is restarted.

Solution 3: Reset Application Preferences

Resting application preferences can help you to solve Google Play Error 01. Follow these steps below to Reset Application Preferences.

Reset Application Preferences

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Access Apps option below
  3. Click on the Three Vertical Dots that are in the upper right
  4. Select Reset Application Preferences
  5. Click on Reset Applications. You are done.

Solution 4: Check the Network Settings.

Google play’s error may be due to a bad network connection, so you should check it on your device. If you use mobile data, you can connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network and confirm if the error persists.

Solution 5: Clear Cache From Google Play Service

To clear the cache from the Google Play Service to solve the Google play error, you can track down the below steps.

  1. Go to your mobile Settings
  2. Access App/ Apps & Notification [Depending on Brand]
  3. Find & enter Google Play Services
  4. Click on Storage and finally select Clear Cache
  5. Restart your device

Solution 6: Turn Your Device Into Safe Mode

If you want to enable safe mode to correct errors on your mobile, you have to do the following:

  1. Press the Power Button for a few seconds
  2. Click on Shutdown when the message appears on the screen
  3. At some point, the message of rEstart in Safe Mode will appear. select it
  4. When your phone restarts, Enter the Play Store to verify if the problem is solved

Solution 7: Force Stop

The steps you must follow to stop Google Play Store forcefully to get rid of the error 01.

  1. Go to your mobile Settings and then access the Apps option
  2. Locate and access the Google Play Store
  3. Click on “Force Stop
  4. Restart the Device so that the play store starts again without the error.

Solution 8: Delete Google Account From Play Store

You have to go to the play store settings directly and delete your current account to create a new one. Sometimes, Google play can be due to a failure of your account and not the phone.

Solution 9: Reset and Update Play Store

You must confirm that the Play Store Is Updated because an old version can generate errors. You have to access the mobile settings, then the play store, and see if it is updated in your data.

Step 10: Use Play Store’s Alternative

You can use play store alternatives to evade the problem, such as Apkpure, Uptodown, Aptoide, among others. You can use any kind of Android apps from those third-party sites with ease.

Solution 11: Factory Reset Device

Factory Reset is another effective solution that can be performed to solve several problems like App Not Installed Android Error, and Camera Cannot Connect and Error RH-01 as well. Let’s see how to execute Factory Reset.

Factory Reset Devices

  1. Go to the mobile Settings option
  2. Locate the option Backup and Restore or Account & Backup [Varies Device to Device] and enter it
  3. Click on the Factory Data Reset.
  4. Select Reset Phone
  5. Wait a few minutes until your device reboots completely

Solution 12: Clear Play Store and Play Services Data

To delete the play store data for resolving Google Play Error, follow the steps below.

how to Clear Play Store and Play Services Data

  1. Enter your mobile Settings
  2. Access Apps
  3. Go to Google Play Store
  4. Click on Delete Data
  5. Restart the device

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the RH 01 error that appears in the play store, you can read out the section to get answers

Why Does the Play Store Problem Occur?

Play store failure can occur for various reasons, but the solution can be quick if you clear the cache and restart the mobile.

How Frequent Is the Loading Error in the Play Store?

The download application error is not so common, but it is possible when you have outdated mobile or software flaws.

Can the Apk Generate the Play Store Error?

Yes, the apk you download and install on your mobile can be the main reason for errors in the play store.

My Device Won’t Work Well With a Damaged Play Store?

Your device will work well even though the play store has flaws, although the ideal is that you solve it quickly.

If I Factory Reset My Phone, Will the Play Store Problem Go Away?

You have a 50% chance to fix the play store crash by factory resetting the phone so try other solutions.

Final Thought

Google Play Error RH 01 can be frustrating and more when you try to download applications from your phone. In that case, you can only get rid of the problem by following some effective solutions. In this context, 12 different solutions have been demonstrated. You can execute any of the methods to fix it. You don’t need to go to professionals and spend money anymore for the Google Play Error.

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