How to Reinstall Android OS | The Proven Method 2021

Sometimes you will have glitches in your android operating system, which can be caused by a lack of an update. It is time for you to know how to reinstall Android OS when these software problems affect your applications. You don’t have to despair when you see your mobile’s dark screen and have an efficient solution not to replace it.

You can also check for an Android operating system update and reinstall the software to the current version. If you are looking for an update, these methods will also change your Jelly Bean software to Android 9.0.

What Do I Need To Reinstall Android OS?

Before you know how to reinstall Android OS in Samsung mobile, you must have software or hardware. Among the things that you need to install the latest version on your android phone are:

Have a mid-range mobile – high:

Not all mobiles with the Android operating system can reinstall the software because for old versions, this option is lost. If you have a very popular mid-range android phone, it will be easy for you to find new software to install. You have to research the possibilities of reinstalling software in your mobile.

Have Wi-Fi connection:

When you enter your mobile settings in your last option box, you will notice the “search for a software update.” If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can press the update option, and your mobile will automatically do it. To update your mobile’s operating system on your initiative, the simple method is that you have to go to the automatic updates.

Computer with good internet:

Another thing that you may need to fully understand how to reinstall the Android operating system on a tablet is a computer with a network connection. With a computer or laptop, you can download firmware at no cost or for an affordable price for the latest android update on Tablet. It will take you a few minutes to download this software that can be installed using a special program.

How to Reinstall Android OS – A Complete Guideline?

You should not worry about how to reinstall Android OS as the process is easy if you do it from your computer. If you decide to install the new android operating system from your computer, you must have:

How to Reinstall Android OS

  • USB Cable
  • PC with Windows or Linux operating system
  • ADB tool used for Android

With things ready to reinstall the android operating system on your mobile, you should do the following:

Step 1: You Have To Inhabit The Developer Mode On Your Mobile

For this step, you must do a few things inside your mobile phone with an obsolete operating system such as:

How to Reinstall Android OS - A Complete Guideline

  • Go to settings on mobile
  • Access the option “about the phone.”
  • Choose “device information” and click

In this device information section, you can see the current android version, hardware, battery, and build number you are interested in. You have to click on the build number until the “you are a developer” message appears. With the developer permissions granted, you only have to go to the settings and enter the option “Developer options.”

Step 2: Turn on USB Cleaning

In how to install Android OS in mobile, you have to activate the USB cleaning again by accessing the settings of your mobile with:

How to Reinstall Android OS - A Complete Guideline

  • Go to the mobile settings
  • Go to “developer options.”
  • Go to the option “usb debugging” and click on “debugging.”
  • You have to activate debugging mode

Step 3: Install SDK for Android

In this step, all you have to do is download all the relevant Android drivers on your computer.

How to Reinstall Android OS - A Complete Guideline


Step 4: Connect Your Mobile and Computer

You have to connect your mobile phone to the computer with the usb cable and verify that Windows or Linux recognized the mobile.

Step 5: Enter the SDK

To complete the process of how to install Android OS from pc to mobile via USB, you have to open SDK for Android as follows:

How to Reinstall Android OS - A Complete Guideline

  • Access CMD or command symbols on your computer
  • You must write the location of the SDK in your android mobile that you have previously downloaded; an example is: C: C: \ Users \ Hemangini \ AppData \ Local \ Android \ android-SDK \ platform-tools
  • You must go to CMD again

With this step completed, you have to restart your mobile and then start it in recovery mode to format it. Finally, you must disconnect the mobile from the pc, and now you can turn it on to update the operating system. With this complete format, you will free up your mobile completely by letting you place the latest android operating system available.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the frequently asked questions that you have about reinstalling the android operating system are given below:

Why does my android phone hang with the current operating system?

If you have problems, your phone’s operating system is constantly crashing; this is a sign that it needs updating.

Do I need to pay anything to install the SDK on my mobile?

No, you don’t have to pay anything to download and install the SDK tool for Android.

How safe is it to reinstall my android operating system?

It is very safe, and you have a 90% chance of having a factory reset phone ready to reinstall the operating system.

If the operating system reinstallation method doesn’t work, what do I do?

If the method does not work because you did not follow the steps perfectly, your phone will reset your old operating system’s values.

How can I update the Android operating system on my mobile without a computer?

You have to go to settings, navigate to the final section of the device, click on “update device,” and accept the new android update.

Final Thought

You have everything at hand to know how to reinstall Android OS and get rid of errors on your mobile. The steps you must follow to reinstall your phone’s operating system are easy, and it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to do it. You must learn how to install this android software in search of an improvement to install new applications or to eliminate errors.

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