How to Reinstall Android OS | The Proven Method 2024

There are billions of users all over the world who use smartphones with the Android Operating System. But, all the users don’t hold the same version of Android. The latest version of Android is 11.0 Honeycomb that was launched on 8th September 2020.

Android users who purchased a smartphone before the date have been using the oldest version. If you are one of them who would like to update your older version of Android into the newest one, this context is for you.

You are not alone, a significant number of users don’t know How to Reinstall Android OS. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with some simple methods that will help you Update & Reinstall Android OS with ease. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Why Do You Need to Reinstall Android OS

Due to Multiple reasons, you may need to Reinstall Android OS. Some of the most prominent reasons are, in the older version of Android, you may confront several problems like software conflict, Malware Attacks, App Stopped Working, Settings App Error, & more. To get rid of the problems, it is better to update or reinstall the latest version of Android OS.

Apart From that, the newest version of Android provides strong security protection, coping well with Malicious Software. To do all these things, the developer uses the System Update Method name ASLR. Besides that, you need to reinstall Android to get the following benefits.

  1. Configure App Permission
  2. System Tweaks & New Features
  3. Extract Bloatware

How To Reinstall Android OS[Simple Methods]

In two different ways, you can Reinstall your Android OS. Both of the methods we have illustrated with simple words that you can easily Perceive and Apply. So, let’s have a look.

Solution 1: Reinstall Android Through Pc Software

It is one of the simplest methods that anyone can accomplish without experts’ help. If you don’t understand How to Install Android OS on Mobile Through Pc, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step-1: Download Droidkit first & then install it like the other software.

Download Droidkit & install it

Step-2: Now, Open it and select “Reinstall/Upgrade OS.


Step-3: Press on the “Start” button below.

Press on the “Start” button

Step-4: In this stage, you have to Connect your device & then click on the “Next.”

Connect your device & click on the “Next.”

Step-5: Now, you need to select & Download a Firmware version & then tap on the “Start to Upgrade” button.

click on the “Start to Upgrade” button

Solution 2: Flash & Reinstall Android OS

Reinstalling Android OS is no longer difficult with the proper fixes in hand. We have discussed a list of 2 Methods to make you perceive How to Flash and Reinstall Android Os on your device.

Method 1: Flash The ROM To Reinstall OS

Step-1: Go to Google.Com & search for “Enable Bootloader” with your device module like (Enable Bootloader for Samsung A20). Here, you’ll get the proper guideline. After that, you have to Flash a Custom Recovery.  To get proper guidelines regarding it, you can Google it with your device model number again & follow the Google Tutorial.

Flash The ROM To Reinstall the OS

Step-2: To avoid any kind of inconvenience, you can back up all data and files.

Step-3: Now, look for an Android ROM that performs well & Matches your device.  You can get it by searching it on Google. Download the Android ROM Download on your Pc and connect your Android Device With the Pc to send the downloaded ZIP file.

look for an Android ROM that performs well & Matches your device

Step-4: Once you have downloaded it, you can now flash the ROM by following the steps.

  • Restart the Android Device and enter Recovery Mode
  • Press to Install ROM from SD card and choose the path you download the zip file
  • Flash ROM now will begin and you’ll be up to Wipe The Date if necessary

Step-5: When all the procedure is done, restart your Android device with a new ROM.  After that, you have to download & reinstall the Google Apps again.

Method 2: Apply Hard Reset To Reinstall Android

It is another easiest way to Reinstall Android OS. Here is the entire guideline to complete the task.

Step-1: First, you have to enable Developer Mode. To enable it on your device, follow the instructions below.

  • Open the “Settings” app on your drive
  • Press on the “About Phone” option
  • Click on the “Device Information
  • Multiple clicks on the “Build Number” option then Developer Mode will open.

Step-2:  After enabling Developer Mode, then you have to Enable USB Debugging. Follow the below steps to enable it.

  • Go to “Settings” & open the “Developer” option
  • Move to the “Debugging” and then “USB Debugging” & turn it on.

Note: If you would like to Enable USB Debugging on Android with Black Screen, please check the context we have linked up.

Step-3:  Now Download & Install the SDK tool on your computer and have the application drivers downloaded.

Step-4: Connect your Android Device to your Pc using a USB cable

Step-5: Open the SDK tool on your PC and follow the instructions below

  • Drive to the “Start” menu on your PC and search for “Command Prompt” to open it
  • Write the location of the Android SDK platform on the command box and press enter. For instance [cd C:\users\Hemangini\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools]
  • Again, to start your Android device in recovery mode, type the command ADB reboot recovery.
  • In the final stage, remove your device from the PC and you’ll be prompted to remove the password to perform the Factory Data Reset in order to reinstall Android OS.

Why Reinstalling Android OS on Phone Through PC Software is Easy

Reinstalling Android OS on a Phone Through a PC is simple due to several reasons that we mentioned below.

  1. Find & match protective official ROM for your device automatically
  2. Samsung Devices from version 5 to 11 are supported to Reinstall
  3. Windows & Mac are supported
  4. Device Root is not required
  5. There is no risk of being affected by malware or viruses
  6. Droidkit can fix several issues of your Android device
  7. You can unlock your screen lock, and google locked on Samsung phone

Final Thought

The two different ways that we have mentioned can be performed to reinstall Android OS with ease. But, we would like to clarify that, reinstalling Android OS is comparatively easier with a PC through the Droidkit software. We recommend not performing a Hard reset to reinstall Android if you are not an expert. So, hopefully, you have got How To Reinstall Android OS now. Even then if you find any difficulties, let us know in the comment section.

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