how to disable Google Play service

How to Disable Google Play Services in 2024

Google Play Services is indeed a crucial part of the Android operating system. With the Google play services, you can update Google apps like Google Map, Gmail, Chrome, Google Drive, Google Earth, and many more. Google play services consume your …

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How to Fix Please Configure Android SDK Error

How to Solve Please Configure Android SDK Error?

Learn how to solve the Please Configure Android SDK message when it appears on your computer. If you want to install extra tools on your mobile with android SDK, but for some reason, the process stops, that means it happens …

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How to Fix Ip Configuration Failure

9 Ways to Fix IP Configuration Failure Error on Android

Android IP Configuration Failure is one of the most common errors that can happen due to several reasons like slow internet connection, installing VPN, DNS change, and more. When Wifi Ip Configuration Failure Android happens, users can’t access the internet …

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How To Fix Pixelated Videos On Android [Best Methods]

How to Fix Pixelated Videos on Android in 2024

Who doesn’t love to capture their favorite moments on videos? Almost everyone, right? But how do you feel when you see the video you have captured is blurred? It surely hurts you, doesn’t it? In that case, what should you …

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